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Recently, a friend asked me to look over the text for a video that her not-for-profit organization was planning to create, using footage and visuals they already owned. The text was incomprehensible, with not a single full sentence, but rather disjointed phrases and cliches dotted with adjectives...
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            My “work” is to make the world a better place. The causes I pick are not about greening the  environment, preventing global warming, or improving humane treatment of animals, but it is rather about people—and the most vulnerable among them.            My first published novel, (there...
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These past 60 years, Israeli authors have been charting their own literary paths, unconfined by the commercial requirements of an American publisher. The country is made up of many nationalities mixed together, then reshaped into new segments, each a whole new character.  With varying mores and...
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This entry has been removed due to its sensitive, personal nature.
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When moving out of a sprawling suburban home six years ago, my husband and I scanned the floor-to-10-foot ceiling book shelves in our den. Each of us packed the books we could not part with. The rest—about 2,000 books—were donated to charity. In our new Manhattan apartment, we settled into two...
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Jakie and Tata
As Monday, Columbus Day, was a no-school day, I grabbed the opportunity to pick up my first-grade grandson Jakie from his suburban home and bring him to New York City for 24 hours. Until my daughter and her family moved away a year ago, Jakie would spend an afternoon with me every weekend, with an...
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This essay was filed for the "forgiveness" blog competition, and has now been removed due to the sensitive, personal, and emotionally charged nature of its content.
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The Maccabiah Games--the largest show of Jewish strength and unity through sports--have concluded on Thursday in Israel. Almost 8,000 athletes from 64 nations competed in 37 sports. Even I, disinterested in competitive sports, was moved by the thousands of participants and their families who...
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Recently, I found myself on the receiving end of a magazine publisher’s wrath. He had accepted my article for publication--paying in copies only--and requested that I sign a release transferring all my rights to the article. I asked him what was the current circulation of his publication, and here...
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I know I’ve arrived as a novelist when I get a request to contribute a recipe for a cookbook by authors sharing their favorite recipes.... I can write a lot better than I can cook. However, my creativity must be spilling into this area because I managed to concoct a dish all on my own! Here is the...
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I am new to the Red Room, yet my scribbling, combined with the Red Room’s staff's decision to place my video on the home page for 2 weeks, have drawn some attention. Or, are 1,000 hits in the few weeks since I became an active member (rather than just listed) the standard in this community buzzing...
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Jaffa gate early 1900.jpg
Out of close to 10,000 entries, JERUSALEM MAIDEN has now made it to the semifinals in Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. The selection was made solely upon Publishers' Weekly review combined with Amazon's experts' reviews. This is what the editors at Publishers’ Weekly had to say—even before...
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Here are some of my favorite quotes. What's yours? * Truman Capote was known for embellishing his experiences. When questioned, Capote responded, ‘Well, if it wasn’t true, that’s the way it should have been.’ * Tom Clancy: The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense...
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    This Passover, as we celebrate our ancestors’ freedom from slavery, we reconnect through our most important holiday with our centuries-long traditions. It is incumbent upon us to contemplate the broader concept of freedom and what it means to us as individuals, as members of our immediate...
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            If you have received a negative review on Amazon, one that it is clearly nasty and ignorant, one that demonstrates that the reader has an agenda and/or has not even read the novel, there is a remedy.               Amazon's policy is "We want our review forum to be a place for...
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