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The Kidnapped Child That Would Never Forgive

This essay was filed for the "forgiveness" blog competition, and has now been removed due to the sensitive, personal, and emotionally charged nature of its content.

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As I read this, I felt an

As I read this, I felt an emptiness that has been mine with greater sharpness. Talia, I shall not call you brave for writing this because it is much, much more.

Withholding my forgiveness gave me peace. I can now write about being a kidnapped child, because finally, I am no longer one.

Thank you for saying this. To forgive is so easy, but it is not always the solution. I now know from your words that your freedom has come the hard way and will be cherished much more.


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Forgiveness must be earned

The victim needs justice first and time to heal. From there, the kidnapped child can decide if he/she can forgive. It's the kidnapper's responsibility to earn forgiveness by taking responsibility for his actions. Life is all about decisions.