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Out of 10,000--semi-finalist in Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest
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Out of close to 10,000 entries, JERUSALEM MAIDEN has now made it to the semifinals in Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. The selection was made solely upon Publishers' Weekly review combined with Amazon's experts' reviews.

This is what the editors at Publishers’ Weekly had to say—even before the novel comes out of the gate:
“... The author draws upon meticulous research to paint a picture of a cloistered community that is both immersive and accessible to outsiders. With an exceptional handle on both place and time, the author lets readers into a foreign world through the eyes of a marvelously human heroine..... this heartbreaking work could be enjoyed by many readers. The prologue and epilogue frame the story nicely.”

Thank you all who have read the excerpt and reviewed it on Amazon. Your reviews will now play an important role as Penguin's editors are reading the semi-finalists to determine the top 3 finalists. Customers' reviews is one of the three criteria they use.
That also mean that the race for more reviews is far from being over. If you have not yet read the excerpt, please do so, and, since you've had a good reading experience, please tell your reading friends about it. The direct link is:
http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001UG3AOG .

Set in the early 1900s in Jerusalem, JERUSALEM MAIDEN is the story of  Esther, a young woman destined to be married in order to hasten the messiah's arrival, when she discovers her talent for art. However, visual expression is against the Second Commandment, “though shalt not make any graven image,” and thus begins Esther's struggle between her yearning for individuality and the demands of her society's religious dictates.

JERUSALEM MAIDEN is my 4th novel (the first wasn’t published, but I do not consider it a stillborn), the 2nd & 3rd were published, and now I hope that—with your help--JERUSALEM MAIDEN, too, will see the light of day.


Talia Carner, www.TaliaCarner.com