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Israeli authors translated to English

These past 60 years, Israeli authors have been charting their own literary paths, unconfined by the commercial requirements of an American publisher. The country is made up of many nationalities mixed together, then reshaped into new segments, each a whole new character.  With varying mores and idiosyncrasies, the exotic slices of life in Israel are interspersed with intriguing characters that are shaped by the time, place, and the exceptional circumstances in which they find themselves. 

Many people who have not been to Israel think of her as a distant place forever under the cloud of war. Yet, none of the novels on my list deals with war, but rather with the minutia’s of daily lives of immigrants or native Israelis, of urban squabbles among neighbors or rural domestic complexities. From love found in the parking lot of a nursing home and paternity question in the mountains of Galilee, to a boy chasing a dog through the streets of Jerusalem, Israeli authors bring the reader to day-to-day life that is simply… normal.

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