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My wife's words to me (edited)

when our souls collide
my being goes on a ride,
not because its not enjoying the slide
its because the pleasure is too much too wild.
we live together from saturdays through sundays without tides.
you promise that when i m wrong u will always be my right.
i know you are searching for me everywhere
its obvious my absence is now your plight,
worry less my husband,
by God's grace i shall be your darling wife.
i cherish you wholeheartedly
your rules i dare abide.
i pledge to you my love
that i will forever be by your side.
i feel unsecure here without you
please send me your hug that is always be my guide.
i hated u, that i lied,
u should know u are the worth in my apple that holds all pride.
you are my moon my star my earth
you are my laughter my cry and my sigh.
you are the man for me and i m going to fulfill every dream of yours
i will be your flight...