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Temperament according to Encarta dictionary on my laptop is quality of mind: a prevailing or dominant of mind that characterizes somebody. Its also combination of traits we inherited from our parents. It sets broad guideline on everyone’s behavior and may influence a person as long as he lives. Our temperaments are responsible for our dispositions, feelings and emotions. It’s important to know your temperament because it helps you analyze your weakness and strengths. It also helps you to understand the people around you.
It is believed that individual differences in quality and intensity of emotional reactions, activity level, attention and emotional self regulations is the function of the composition of the temperament one is made or exhibits.
Everyone is interested in human behavior. Most of all, they are interested in why they think, feel, respond, explode and act they way they do. Nothing answers those questions better than the theory of the four temperaments which are highlighted below:
Generally, there are four basic temperament forms, they are:
1. THE CHOLERIC: they are extroverts by nature, strong-willed, focused and hardly intimidated. They are often goals-oriented people, loving on optimistic outlook to life
CAREE PATH: they make good marketers and sales men. They also make good managers but lend to push their subordinates too hard
WEAKNESS: they get angry easily, impatient with people and domineering.

2. THE SANGUINE: they are extrovert, just like the choleric but lack the strength and firmness of a choleric. They are friendly and cheerful people usually in high spirits. While the choleric is goal-oriented and focused, the sanguine is fun-oriented and distracted. They are delightful to be with, sensitive, empathetic and receptive in nature.
CAREER PATH: good marketers and salesmen. They make good communication and presenters, as they love to talk.
STRENGTH: friendly, confident, optimistic.
WEAKNESS: unprincipled, careless, forgetful, restless and easy to compromise.

3. THE MELANCHOLY: They are introverts but endowed with gifts distinct from other temperament. But creative, talented and analytical, focused like choleric but are given to mood swings. They hardly make friends but when they do, they can be very faithful to such friendship.
CAREER PATH: they make good tutors, managers and artists.
STRENGTH: tolerant, calm, intelligent and focused.
WEAKNESS: Easily depressed or discouraged.

4. THE PHLEGMATIC: They are introverted by nature and have an easy going personality. They are the easiest persons to get along with they dislike being in the sport light and will rather be amongst the crowd. They enjoy being spectators in life and try not to get involved with activities of others.
CAREER PATH: they make good employees as they keep to policies of an organization to the last word.
STRENGTH: Easy to get along with, hardly angered and irritated, accommodating and hospitable.
WEAKNESS: Spectators, fearful, unmotivated.

A conscientious examination shows that nobody has solely 100% but a blend of two or more temperaments. It is important to know that no temperament is better than the others, each has is strengths, peculiarities and weakness. Don’t thing yours is better than mine or something, I just said it that no temperament is better than the others; they are one way or the other connected.
Good knowledge of our temperament will help us to understand the people around us in our places of primary assignment in particular and the wider world in general…