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Accountant's Block?

This morning, I woke up with a horrendous case of Writer's Block. You know the kind: written yourself into a corner, can't get out, will never get out, there goes the whole book… In the past, I've spent weeks and even months worrying about Writer's Block. I've written endless pages about how I wish it would just go away.

Several notable writers like to say that Writer's Block is imaginary. Ask any child how imaginary their monsters are. Try telling them to forget the monsters just because they're imaginary. The thing is, the harder you either struggle with them or try to ignore them, the bigger they get.

Yes I had Writer's Block. But I also had a deadline and pages to write. So I put the music on and wrote them, and let the Block do its grumbly mumbly thing in the background, both un-fed and un-resisted.

Accountants at Tax Season may get Accountants' Block, I don't know. But I'm pretty sure that any of them who keep their jobs have learned to how to uncross their eyes and get those blurry grey columns of numbers back in shape for another ten hours or whatever, because it's just something you do. They're not stuck on this precious cultural fantasy that there's this fragile thing called the Muse, that comes and goes on a whim. Professional Athletes don't hold off the championship because they're not feeling quite on their game. They learn pretty darn fast how to get themselves back on their game, and even more importantly, how to go play anyway.

In one Universe, I'm still sitting here at this very moment, still blocked and bemoaning that I'll never get anywhere. Thankfully in this one, I spent an hour writing absolute garbage before everything suddenly clicked, and now two hours later, I'm sitting here feeling the euphoria of a good chapter well-written.

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No excuses!

Love the analogy of the accountant, and the determination of the writer! How often have I waited for the Muse or the Mood to come knocking at my door and exclaim, "Time to write!" Where does that get me? Not very far. Kind of like the inner critic, if we ignore the grumbling Block it will eventually go away and quit bothering us! Oh the life of a writer as we stumble and bumble through the obstacles to get to the prize of a well written piece!

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Glad you liked the post.

Glad you liked the post. Ignoring the Block does make it go away in time, but actually writing makes it go away a lot faster (and has the added benefit of actually getting the work done!) There's always something to write: a different direction for the scene you're on, another scene later in the book, characters doing something you never thought they'd do... I've used the metaphor before, but it's harder to stop a speeding train than it is to start a motionless one. If you've got the engines running and the wheels rolling, both the Block and the Critic scramble off the tracks pretty darn fast!