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I was married on May 1, 2007 to a wonderful man named John M Pike Jr
Sep 2009

Tabitha Robin has been writing for 15 years. She has been publishing her books since 2004. She was born in Copperhill Tennessee, raised in Dawnville Georgia and now resides in Calhoun, Georgia. She graduated from Southeast Whitfield High School in Dalton Georgia then proceeded to Cossa Valley Technical School. Now Tabitha has 13 books in publication and she continues to write.

 Tabitha is happily married to John Marshall, and has three beautiful children, Amber,15yrs old; Jeremiah, 14yrs old and Robert who is 12 years old. She also proudly owns a weimaraner named Gracie and a full blooded German Shepard named Samson.

Tabitha will not reveal her age to anyone. She believes that you are as old as you feel. She often will laugh when she is asked her age, and she replies, "Well, I feel 21 years old, but as to my documented age, that is for me to know and you to find out."

Tabitha is a weaver of words, she loves to make the human language come to life as she reveals an imagination that goes far beyond the physical form. She believes a true writer writes with their soul, and with the words of their heart, with the imagination and dreams of the mind. With this combination you will have a masterpiece.

Now if you will take a venture through this website to find out more great information on this writer's works. I promise you that you will not be disappointed.


My Savior Jesus Christ
My husband, John;
My Children, Amber, Jeremiah, Robert and Hope;
My Cherokee Heritage

Upcoming Works

"The Linking Stones: A Novel Journey" (Second book in a trilogy)
" Hole 2 Whole"
"Bus Daze"
"Little Granny's Secret Cookbook"


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hiking, bike riding, horseback riding, reading, watching movies, going to the gym, playing pool, sports, baseball, football, hockey, basketball, racing, boxing, bull riding, camping, painting, drawing, writing, drawing, singing, playing music, fishing, motorcycling, four wheeling, creative art, walking, spending time with family and friends, church, sewing, and so much more that I can not list them all.