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T. V. LoCicero's Biography

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Aug 2012

T.V. LoCicero is the author of the true crime book Murder in the Synagogue (Prentice-Hall), an account of the assassination of Rabbi Morris Adler. He has also written Squelched: The Suppression of Murder in the Synagogue and the novels The Obsession and The Disappearance, the first two books in the Truth Beauty Trilogy. In addition, seven of his shorter works are available as ebooks. These include the stories A Round with J.C., Fixed, Shrunk, The Jungle Plant, and The Visit, the memoir Selling the Bison and the memoir/essay, The Lessons of Sport. Most of these articles and stories were originally published in various periodicals, including Commentary, Ms. and The University Review, and in the hard-cover collections Best Magazine Articles, The Norton Reader and The Third Coast.

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