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Once Wicked Always Dead Available Now!

Participate in the Once Wicked Always Dead Hidden Challenge 2!

The challenge is to find the hidden book title Once Wicked Always Dead, in the Book Trailer (3) different times. It will appear (2) times as a single phrase and (1) time as a combination of (4) separate single words making up the title.
Note: The hidden challenge does not include the book title shown on the book itself at the end of the trailer.

Helpful Hints: Access and view the book trailer video at http://www.tmariebenchley.com.Enlarge the trailer to the full size of your computer screen by clicking on the four arrows at the bottom right. Start the trailer by clicking on the blue arrow box at the bottom left.
Note: Video will take a few minutes to load.

Use your mouse and be ready to hit the blue pause button at the bottom left of trailer when you find the hidden words. If you passed a word, back Trailer up by clicking on and backing up the blue time bar. Make note of the time displayed at the bottom where you paused the trailer.

Once you have found all of the hidden word/words enter the exact time in minutes and seconds upon the online form.

When you have answered all of the correct times, an entry form will appear that you must fill out and submit to be eligible for the sweepstakes drawing, which will be held in December 2010.

Grand Prize $1,000.00, 1st Prize $500.00, 2nd Prize $100.00.
You must be 18 years old; one entry per person, see official rules.

Contest ends March 31, 2011. Have fun and good luck!

- T. Marie