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At the peak of a new year

I'm the first one to admit I'm not very into new year resolutions. I am far more interested in listing what I'm glad happened in the year that's soon to be passed. Now I've slightly changed. I made a new year resolution when 2007 turned 08, and now, I have a day to complete it. People usually make resolutions that are easy to break, and January is the most disappointing month a year. My resolution wasn't like that, I wont know until tomorrow if I succeeded or not.

My new year resolution of 2008 was reading a 10 000 pages of literature. Taking in conciderance that I am a full time student as well, and wont count books I've read before, books I didn't finish, nor books packed with facts. (My 1000 paged math book that I've read from first page till last is therefore a waste.) The joy is that when I finished Victoria by Knut Hamsun today, I have only a 100 pages to go. That should be doable. There's just one problem, and that is that I have to read the whole book. So I'll either read far more than 10 000 pages, or just 10 000 and still not make the resolution come true. As I only list finished books.

So this will be an interesting night.

Ps. Victoria is a book that should be read by anyone who has ever loved someone they didn't get. In my eyes, this is a greater love story than Romeo and Juliet.