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"Cartel" Book Tour Stop #3: Rotary Club of Pasadena, Texas
Sylvia Longmire speaking with the Rotary Club of Pasadena, TX

Today I had the distinct pleasure of giving a presentation on Mexico's drug war to a group of about 125 Rotarians in Pasadena, Texas, which is just outside of Houston. What a gracious, funny, and welcoming group they were! I'd never been to a Rotary Club meeting before, and just loved everything about it. I ran a little late and they're used to finishing up right at 1pm, but no one got up to leave...which I take as a huge compliment! I heard many times today how close to home this subject matter hits, so it's always wonderful to have a receptive audience. AND, we sold 22 books!

Many thanks to Ted Sullivan, who acted as my host, chauffer, lunch provider, equipment lugger, chair mover, and helper with absolutely anything I needed. This experience today is exactly why I love Texas - and TexANS - so much :).