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"Cartel" Book Tour Stop #2: Houston World Affairs Council
Sylvia Longmire speaking at the Houston World Affairs Council

My presentation and book signing last night was in The Junior League's positively gorgeous historic building in Houston, Texas. I arrived a bit early, so I had plenty of time to talk with Mandy and Chetana, the two lovely women who were running the show that night, and sign some books for the early arrivals. Many people thought I was working the event (and not the author/presenter) because they thought I looked too young to be the author! I felt pretty good about that, I won't lie.

Pretty soon, the room filled to capacity (well over 400 people) and I gave my presentation. I went a little late, but no one got up to leave early. Later on, Mandy and Chetana told me that rarely happens; most times, people in the back get up to leave partway through. She said everyone was fascinated with my talk, which is so cool! I signed at least 50 books, and they also told me they sold more books for my appearance than for any other that they've had in recent history. Woo hoo! I also got the chance to speak with many attendees and answer a lot of really intelligent questions about the drug war, and everyone was so incredibly gracious. 

One really cool thing about the WAC is that they have special programs to encourage college students to get more involved in international affairs by providing them with books, and I was pleased to see so many people in their 20s in attendance for an event that's usually comprised of people several years older. 

Afterwards, I was the guest of honor for a dinner for VIPs and big donors, and that was SO much fun! The food was great (we ate at Grotto, across the street from my hotel), and everyone in attendance asked me so many great questions about the drug war, ranging from legalization to the political situation in Mexico to drug use in America. Truly a first-class event, so thank you to Houston WAC!