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Aug 2008

First of al i want to introduce my self,my name is Awais from Pakistan.I m a student and i m 17 years old.Now i m strating publish my views.

Pakistan is very much affected by the terrorists.pakistan are playing a very important role.I beleive that Al Qaida are supported by Saudi Arbai.Saudi Government provide money and the indian Government are providing Weapons to Terrorists orgnizations.Afganistan's president is one of the greatest terrorist of the Asia.

I like the American policies about Afganistan but i dislike american view and policies about Iraq and Iran.

Every one knows that America wants to attack on iran and on pakistan.But i want to tell to american's that Pakistan has Atom Bomb and we know's that how to use it so keep away from us.Don't  interfare in our country matter's.muslims are not terrorists.

America,India,E-Union,Israil,Australia are the bigest terrorists.I will publish a new report on terrorism very soon.

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