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The role of non- state actors in making the fate of international security system

Needless to say that in the post Mumbai carnage phase, the international community deems correctly that the emerging role of the non-state actors is being highly related to the question of international security system and therefore every member state of the international community feels that this matter of enhancing the international security has to be pragmatically dealt with the mutual co-operation among the states. In this connection, the role of shared intelligence between the states is the key to combat the menance of terrorism.Yet to have a foolproof mechanism of shared intelligence requires the basis of mutual trusts and understanding between the intergovernmental agencies-the missing and fundamenatlly lacking factor between the two nuclear South Asian states- India and Pakistan.To counterpoise the evil activities of the networks of terrorism(working in both the states) the governments in New- Delhi and Islamabad have to register confidence  in their diplomatic military quaters/ avenues.