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Discuss bad,worst & ugly marketing strategies made by brands in Pakistan PLUS learn from their mistakes
Brand Blunders

Brand Blunders is Pakistan's first and only blog focused on flop marketing strategies made by companies/brands in Pakistan (including both Multinational Corporations-MNCs and Small,Medium enterprise-SMEs)

But dear! That's not enough! We'll also learn from their mistakes.

What they couldn't have done?
What they should have done?

Sometime if you get lucky! There's never too late if you know your mistake at the nick of time,that what awful you're just about to going to do with your lovely brand!!!

Here you'll know how to avoid it and what action to be taken!

A successful strategy worked before, might be a big failure these days!

On this blog, you'll learn strategy with a proof from branding experts all around the globe!You'll never get a false strategy. I promise!

Do I have to pay for consultancy? No,no and no! This blog is absolutely free. Free for everyone!

Go ahead!Share or print or email it, but please don't sell it.

Read short articles, ask questions, even if you want to discuss your brand, put it down here, and oh! one thing more! DO invite your friends to this blog! And let 'em know: We ALL marketers ROCK!!!