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Express your Love

Procrastination has always been a chronic ailment of the human behaviour.

We take things for granted assuming we have all the time in the world to straighten broken hearts, to amend the wrong doings, to say sorry or even to express our love. By the time we work out the courage to do so it is more often than not very late. Sometimes it is not the lack of courage but also lack of intention that holds us back to do what we want to do. Our egos come in our way blocking our minds and holding our emotions. We are all living in a constant state of dual personalities with conflicting thoughts. On one hand we say we love spending time with our loved ones, that it’s because of their love and care and constant support that we are able to face the rigors of the tough life. Then why is that we fail to reciprocate love and care to our cherished loved ones. We do not have the time or are not in the frame of mind to even give a proper response to them. Why is it that we always manage to take our loved ones for granted assuming that come what may he or she would always be there for us however rudely we behave with them. We justify our actions of ignoring them, lying to them, manipulating them by convincing ourselves that we do not have much of a choice and it is for their benefit.

Even a plant or for that matter an animal responds to a kind and loving touch a gesture of love. Love is that universal language that is recognised and spoken by all living things. Then why is that humans lag behind in expressing it. Humans are forever running behind some dream or the other trying to achieve materialistic things. They forget that life is a journey and it is to be enjoyed. Every moment , every turn, every up and down of it. We all get our share of love and care in some form or the other. It is up to us to recognize it and appreciate it. For in the end when we finally achieve our dream there would be no one to share that happiness.

Tragedies happen, failures come, sorrows are a part of life… and so is success and happiness. Just turn around and check who is it who has been with you through all the seasons of life holding on to your arm tightly. Who bears your mood tantrums, who doesn’t wince at the pain inflicted with your rude words, who considers your happiness and success above his own… that my friend is truly your soul mate. If you find such a person you are indeed very lucky. But if you let him go because of your selfish and insensitive behaviour you are even more unlucky. Wake up and just grab his hand… don’t let him go for it truly maybe too late.

‘Chahe jo tumhe poore dil se… Milta hai wo mushkil se…

Aisa jo koi kahin hai…. Bus wohi sabse haseen hai…

Us haath ko tum tham lo…

Woh meherbaan kal ho nah hoo…’