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Last week, after a frustrating attempt to shape her own brows, India-Jewel posted a beauty poll to find out your brow grooming habits, and we learned that a lot of you do it yourselves. Because we couldn’t leave you hanging, we enlisted celebrity brow guru Suzie Moldavon, whose eclectic roster of...
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Need a little extra motivation to get yourself to the gym this week? As most of us focus on the benefits of our workouts from the neck down, you’ll be happy to learn that your hours of sweat and dedication in the gym have amazing benefits for your face as well! 1. Beauty is not only skin deep –...
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Feeling beautiful on the outside makes most of us feel more confident on the inside, and confidence is sexy! The best thing about a new year is that it allows us to hit the reset button and improve upon things that might have waned as our busy schedules got the best of us. So here we are, at...
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