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May 2008

I grew up in rural northeastern Pennsylvania, where I learned to love the land, animals and stories. I graduated from college knowing I wanted to be a writer. A few years later I went to work for United Press International in Hong Kong. From there I served as UPI bureau chief in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Back in the USA many years later I worked on the Washington Post Foreign News Desk and decided I really wanted to write fiction. I returned to Pakistan and worked on a literacy project in Rural Punjab, where I met the characters in my first novel, SHABANU DAUGHTER OF THE WIND, which won many awards and began my career as a novelist. Eight books later I embarked on a screenwriting adventure, adapting my three novels set in Pakistan for the screen. I also have planned a literature conference for six years (www.gathering.keystone.edu) and have begun a ninth novel, this one semi-autiobiographical and set in Pakistan and New York. I have returned to live in rural Pennsylvania, where I love the land, animals, and stories.

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