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Suzanne Frischkorn's Books

Suzanne Frischkorn is a fierce and fearless poet, In Girl on a Bridge, she first upends our dainty notions of girlhood and then leads us into the wilderness of violence, madness, fear, and love -- and does so with beauty and tenderness. --Julianna Baggott   Good citizens beware: Suzanne Frischkorn had let  Girl on a Bridge  loose on the world and she's spreading the word about...
Lit Windowpane
In a time when there is no greater question than the question of environmental survival, Suzanne Frischkorn's LIT WINDOWPANE reminds us of the necessity of unadorned and unapologetic praise for the natural world. In language spare and well-keeled, Frischkorn's poems instill in the reader the kind of "perfect attentiveness" that the poet Alan Shapiro reminds us is required...