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The new issue of Pebble Lake Review includes seven sonnets from my long sequence "Cuban Polymita" and my poem "My Body Translated," as well as new work by Danielle Pafunda, Lee Herrick, Maxine Chernoff, Brent Goodman & others. Plus reviews & more! Check it out:http://bit.ly/NB4w2k.
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Check it out : http://savvyverseandwit.com/2011/05/lit-windowpane-by-suzanne-frischkorn.html 
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My poetry collection, Girl on a Bridge (MSRP 2010) is reviewed in the new issue of Terrain - A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments by Wendy Burk
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Michelle McGrane features Girl on a Bridge at Peony Moon today~* http://peonymoon.wordpress.com/2010/07/26/girl-on-a-bridge/ 
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 My new poetry collection is reviewed in the current issue of The Pedestal Magazine. Here's an excerpt: "From the title alone, you know that Girl on a Bridge will probably involve danger, personal transition, or perhaps lost youth. Suzanne Frischkorn's second poetry collection contains many of...
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A poem from Girl on a Bridge is featured on Verse Daily today! http://www.versedaily.org/2010/zoologicalgarden.shtml 
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of Girl on a Bridge up at New Pages. Read it here:  http://newpages.com/bookreviews/2010-06/index.htm#Girl-on-a-Bridge-by-Su...
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My poem, "An Eye on New Zealand's Bird," appears in the open mic section at Poets for Living Waters. The poem first appeared in 88: A Journal of Contemporary American Poetry and is also in my first book, Lit Windowpane.  I love what Amy & Heidi are doing, you should check it out....
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Karen J. Weyant reviews Girl on a Bridge: The women found in Suzanne Frischkorn’s Girl on a Bridge, are strong, smart, sexy, and…just a little lost. This was my initial reaction when I read Frischkorn’s second collection of poetry. When I went back through this past weekend to re-read my favorite...
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Serena is hosting a National Poetry Month Giveaway for Readers featuring Girl on a Bridge over at her Savvy Verse & Wit Blog. Check it out!  http://savvyverseandwit.com/2010/04/national-poetry-month-giveaway-for-r...  
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National Poetry Month is fast approaching, and this year I'll be participating in the Poetry Book Giveaway, to learn how you can participate read all the details here.
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National Poetry Month is fast approaching, and this year I'll be participating in the Poetry Book Giveaway, read all the details here: http://litwindowpane.blogspot.com/2010/03/poetry-book-giveaway.html     
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virtual wine and cheese
Dear Friends, To celebrate the release of my new book, Girl on a Bridge, I am throwing a virtual book party. Please help yourself to some virtual wine and cheese, and listen to a couple of poems from the book, "Indiscretion of an American Wife," 1954, and "Bees," by clicking on...
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The final galleys for Girl on a Bridge were sent off this week. I am so thrilled, once again, with the book design and super happy that it will be out for AWP Denver. Here's a sneak peak at the blurbs: Good citizens beware: Suzanne Frischkorn has let Girl on a Bridge loose on the world and she’s...
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MSRP has picked up my next full-length book, Girl on a Bridge, and it's forthcoming in 2010. Drinks on me~*
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