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May 2012

This is always the worst part of the test isn't it? You lean over an look into the mirror and lament the warts. Maybe you think about Rembrant's self portrait, or Da Vinci's and wonder if they glossed over any blemishes, or perhaps embelished others in the hope of being taken more seriously. 

So what to say? Is it a physical description that's important? I could craft a scene where I pause by a puddle, or get trapped by the baby changing board in the loo. I could walk by a glossy polished building, or clean out a closet full of old photographs. But what would that prove?

Maybe it's the things I've done. I could pull out the Elementary School diploma I got from a little Central North Carolina school where I always wore pigtails and the principle's name was Dew, but maybe should have been 'Due'. Or was it the summer I worked as a maid and learned that it's not so bad scrubbing toliets or dusting the pictures of other peoples children. I personally like to favor the years I learned to be a pastry chef from a man that used to make bombs. Wouldn't it be easier if I could just bake you a pie?

Really, what it comes down to is the writing...right? Sure I got an English degree, and I was published, if you could call it that, years ago in some magazines that did the majority of their printing at Kinko's.  Then I drifted off the road and onto the shoulder to raise my kids. I found myself upended there for a while.

Now I'm here. Unfortunately I don't have a lot to show yet. I'm still rearing those kids and my writing time is limited. I did save a few old napkins covered with poems, but at the moment my blog makes the bulk of my writing that's ready for readers. (Edit: I haven't had time for that either, and I'm beginning to wonder if blog writing really suits my abilities and temperament) There are some other big projects in the works, but nothing long is finished. Then there are my shorter stories, but I can't share those either. They are...well... they are waiting in the slush pile at contest. By now they must resemble the sick little boy from _The Night Listener_, but by the end of this year they may well be deemed fit enough to make an appearance in print. I'm hopeful, but I'm sure you know how these things go. Sure would be grand though...to have someone other than myself call me an author.

I hope this has answered your questions or at least allayed your fears. I wouldn't like to be 'approved' and then found to be wanting. A warning though, if you do go out looking for me, you'll have to search under my other name, Sarazen Anyin, or Sarazen for short. I turn up at Goodreads, and Twitter, as well as a number of sites dressed in that costume.

One more caveat. I am a problem speller. Forgive...forgive.

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