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As soon as the sun erupts of the night the restless soul of pandemonium arises to fight the bright of the morning light.Whoosh the Meanness-living springs from their sleepless place all to activate more meanness-living into the day. It plunges deep within the crevasses of their Meanness-living to galvanize the torture upon themselves as well as others. Meanness-living steals, kills, and destroys the hopes of others. All while knocking at the door pretending to be a brother, or sister from another mother. Meanness-living growl in detest as those that boast of a wonderful blessed goodnight of hope. Meanness-living snicker in jealousy for those that declare their day shall be great because of the God they wear. Meanness-living pucker brow at those that sing praises of joy for the God that never ever snores. Meanness-living rumor mill in disguise waiting around to pounce on those that have glimmer that one day they will arrive.Oh, Meanness-living away you go we shall have the victory in today and wherever we go.

I’m Susie L Hill writing to stay free and free others….