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                                   TODAY IS YOU BEST THINK FIRST WEDNESDAY

     Most people have no idea that THINKING is a prerequisite of being a follower of Christ. There are many scriptures admonishing us to THINK FIRST, before we act or react. It
is a spiritual and secular proven fact that THINKING positive is nourishment for the physical body, as well as the spirit. Also it is proven fact that THINKING about negative things is like poisoning to the physical body, as well as the spirit.

     Just the other day I had to YOU BEST THINK FIRST before I caved into my flesh (ego), which was having a hissy-fit as they say, because I refuse to give into its former pleasures. By that I mean someone tried to do something to me in which they well know that I dislike. I’ve discussed this matter in detail numerous times with them. I'm so sure, several years ago this person wouldn’t done that, so sure. Nevertheless they continued to try and provoke me without any reverance and respect for me. All the while I kept THINKING “this is the very person that is always saying how people do evil things to them on purpose, while trying to steal their joy.” Their very words risen in me, as they were being employed to do those very things to me. Tragically the enemy (Satan) had advantaged their ego (flesh) to try and steal my joy. Because not only did they do it once they continued to do it.

     It yet amazes me how YOU BEST THINK FIRST about God will produce such peace and patience when the enemy is forming weapons against us. "But in the coming day no weapon turned against you will succeed. you will silence every voice raised up to accuse you." (Isaiah 54:17). This scripture has saved me from the ego-enemy so many times.  All the while this person was trying to form a weapon against me, my God, my Lord, My Savior was alleviating the pressures by granting me the scriptures to apply to the attack. Think about it like this, as they were activating evil, I was activating good.

     In all sincerity the more I prayed the louder they became, and the more I prayed. See the deceit in this is, because prayer is so peaceful the enemy (Satan) wants us to think it’s not working, when in fact it’s breaking down all the walls of evil that are being formed against us. I knew this was just one of those evil-tactics that the ego-enemy applies to try and shut down prayer, so I preserved and continued to pray.

     Wonderfully as God is, He even reminded me on how tired I was. The attack occurred at 9:30am and I had just went to bed at 5:oo am. I was super tired! But I was very much conscious to what was happening around me and in me. God reminded me how this was a spiritual attack on my tired physical body. I needed to only keep praying and speaking aloud to that spirit that was within them. Therefore I breathed aloud, and continued on with the spiritual fight.

     Soon after I started to THINK on what my spiritual advisor has said to me many times “Sue when these “people” provoke you and you counteract by yelling, screaming, foul language, discord, and arguments aren’t you just as them?” Then she would say, since your flesh used to react with these emotions "before you were saved" to counteract any attacks you must be attentive when the flesh is asking you to react. Thank you Jesus for sending people as such, because all while this person was trying to provoke me, scriptures and my spiritual advisors very words were all in my thoughts. It was no longer about how they were provoking me, it was now how ignorant or foolish they were of the ego-enemy.

     Please get this, the things God say to us while were fighting this spiritual fight is very important for us. We must take heed quickly and activate what He is asking of us, because if we don’t we disobey Him, which is resisting His assistance.  We are then left open prey to be destroyed by the ego-enemy. Remember the ego has one job kill you with evil, before you kill
it with good. Likewise the enemy (Satan) has one job kill you, before you’re free to kill him with the freedom of Jesus.

     Isn’t it strange how when were praying and fighting a spiritual war it seems as though we’ve been fighting for hours, when in fact its only minutes. This fight I’m writing about only lasted (20) twenty-minutes. After I followed all of Gods instructions, I won the fight. I was then able to see them just as someone once seen me "a lost child of God."

     Hold up wait a minute! In no way am I asking that you become sin conscious, this would be against the cross in which Jesus Christ died on for us. I’m telling you all to YOU BEST THINK FIRST about God,  before you react to this world.

     I’m Susie L Hill blogging to stay free and free others…