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This expression denotes a form of victory. How wonderful it is to know that everything our God does is a WIN-WIN-WIN. Certainly God has never lost a battle regardless of who his opponent was.  Oh by the way I started writing snippets of WIN-WIN-WIN while many well intention folk sat on pins and needles wondering whether God would allow our President another chance to WIN-WIN-WIN.

     “All of you must be willing to completely obey those who WIN-WIN-WIN over you. There are no authorities except the ones God has chosen. Those who have now WIN-WIN have been chosen by God. So when you oppose the authorities, you are opposing those whom God has appointed. Those who oppose those who God has appointed to WIN-WIN will be judged.” (Romans 13:1-2). Paraphrase mine.  

     As I was preparing to write on WIN-WIN-WIN my spiritual advisor arrived, and inquired to what I was writing about.  I told her I was writing Wednesday blog which would be about the WIN-WIN-WIN of our president on Tuesday. She said to me “Sue could you also write a paragraph about the folk that claim allegiance to our God, but  refuse to acknowledge, respect, and honor the president in whom God has placed in position to reveal the truths that lie await in the very mind and stomach of his own people.”  

     I asked her to give me an example. “God is trying to awaken the church world (America) of the very heart-beat (life) of what’s their very hearts. He is now revealing to us the bias/prejudices that is within those that declare they love God. Many have cried “God I want you to reveal to me what’s in my heart” and now that He has opened the heart to reveal the contents of the wickedness that is suppressed in the very being of those that have asked. We declare no alliance to what we’ve previous spoken (hatred), even though our actions are equivalent to the very words in which we have declared. Tragically we make excuses to justify that which we have spoken.” (Prophetess E.Pugh).

     I thank God that five years ago when we experienced the WIN-WIN-WIN of this country I was able to clearly experience, and understand first hand the subtly hatred in which the enemy distributes among the people of God. Sadden as this maybe, this "sort" of  hatred has long been seeping from underneath the earth of our country. When our God appointed Obama to WIN-WIN-WIN the hearts of his creation through promoting his unity, and love, I was elated that Obama would serve us another four years. Admittedly, I really believed that President Obama being the melting pot of culture, gender, race, creed, and beliefs we could surpass over the many evil obstacles in which the enemy had bogged our country down with. I was wrong!

     I’ve found out that sometimes exhilaration for others can quickly become disheartened for some. When I heard straight from the horse's mouth (Christian brothers and sisters), subtly and cunning demonstrate evil characteristic toward our President I was mortified that I had allegiance to them. Day after day I flicked my many Christian broadcasting networks to listen attentively at the many lies, toxic waste, exaggeration, and disintegration of the very love (President Obama) in which God had sent among his people.

     Time after time, I've witnessed folk hurl “I love God, people, and this great country” then to later preach, teach, and suggest that we dislike what God had anointed, and appointed to our great country. Lets be real here, before our President was elected we had one leg in the grave and one hand in the air asking God to send us some help. And when He honored our request, and we were able to slowly pull that leg out the grave. We hurled “surely this wasn't God.”      

     Funnily when I was writing this blog, I leaped from my chair and went into the family room, and started praising/shouting WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN. One of my family members said “what happened, you know something that I don’t?” I replied “all we do is WIN-WIN-WIN. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus for the WIN-WIN-WIN.” I was screaming/shouting the WIN-WIN-WIN victory for our President all the while being looked upon as though I was strange. Finally they couldn’t take it anymore so they said to me “Susie, look at the numbers.”  I said “our God told me not to worry about the numbers, for all we do is WIN-WIN-WIN.” I laughed and went right back into my office, and started writing again.

     In all sincerity the election of President Obama (both terms) has revealed many revolting things to me. There have been numerous times I’ve had to repeat the very scripture that Paul spoken “I am the worst sinner of all. But for that reason, God showed me mercy. And I am the worse of sinners. He showed me mercy so that Christ Jesus could show that he is very patient. I was an example for those who would come to believe in him. Then they would WIN-WIN through receiving eternal life.” ( 1 Timothy 1:15-16). Paraphrase mine.

     That very scripture has assisted me in maintaining sisterly love toward “my sisters and brothers” regardless of how they have allowed the enemy to pollute the scriptures unto the very ignorance/foolishness of our beloved country. Most defiantly I could point the finger at the many “so called followers” that proclaim they desire what God desired for this country when in fact these are the ones that refuse to accept what God has already implemented in this country for the betterment of his children.

     Sadly many have totally disrespected the very man (President Obama) that God chosen to be over us for the past four years, and the next four years. In addition many now reflect the very character of their forefathers, while “claiming” how our country was built upon the civil liberties of Christianity. All while forgetting that our beloved country has always had a hidden stinking leak in its foundation. If this were not so our country wouldn’t have “ever” stolen this country from others, and enslaved Gods creation to build it. Hold up wait a minute! Allow me to set the record straight “I love my country, and there is no other place in this world that I would choose to live in.”  

     I thank God right now for him, for without this President the enemy would have destroyed many hopes, and dreams of Gods own children. Be reminded when it’s all said and done God is still yet the lover of this world, regardless of who says otherwise. “God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son, so we could experience a WIN-WIN on every level.” (John 3: 16). Paraphrase mine.

I’m Susie L Hill blogging to stay others…