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I'll explian what I mean by the two choices within me in a moment. As always I wanted to post something else, however God requested that I tweak this blog, and repost it for myself, as well as others. So what is Christ-Conscious, and Ego-Enemy, from my research, and many biblical readings I beleive Christ-Conscious is the essence of “God” residing in the breath of me. The calming peaceful, truthful, honest, delicately voice pleading with my conscious to become aware with reason, logic, and rational. So what is Ego-Enemy--soul of me “flesh” my mind, feelings, and emotions. The Enemy “foe” urgently encouraging my flesh "ego" to negatively respond with acts of inconsideration, irrational, hatred, evilness, and wickedness. 

     For years I was perplexed to why I’d made some good decisions, and some bad ones. Therefore I went on an exploration of my life past, and present with a fine tooth comb (so to speak). I enquired God to lecture me, explain to me, and give me the grace to accept whatever I became aware of. I was astounded of the wisdom of my "choices" that unfolded before me, and the spirit, soul, and body (self) entwined with many mysteries of Christ-conscious, and Ego-enemy.

     Did you know the moment you accept Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior you are empowered to deny the authority of Ego-Enemy (flesh) to dictate your response? I know only if it were that easy. My friends, God never said it would be easy for us, however He did say that His Spirit would empower us to go through with ease.

    Interestingly this "choice" I'm writing about has the power at any given moment to accept the suggesting, and prompting of Christ-Conscious, as well as Ego-Enemy. Isn't that something we have more control than some of us will ever experience. Just last night, I was praying talking to God about many things. As I prayed, and read the word of God. I understood even the more why it is so beneficial for us to denounce all manner of evil regardless of how small it may appear to be.

     As I was talking to God about other folk, he posed five important questions to me (If you know anything about having a personal relationship with God, he doesn't want to hear about what other people are saying and doing all through your conversation with him. Hold up wait a minute! In no way shape or form am I saying God doesn't want us to cry out to him about the wrongs that have been done to us, because surely he will repay those that do us wrong. What I'm saying is when we pray about other folk Ego-Enemy God want's to hear about how we displayed Christ-Conscious in the middle of someone else ignorance/foolishness. Get the point!

     These are the five questions. 1. "Why are you allowing other people flesh (Ego) to dictate your response? I can only do that.  2. "Why do you want to stop people from feeling a certain way about you? I can only do that. 3. Why do you want to stop people from lying on you. I can only do that. 4. Why do you want to stop people from projecting their own insecurities? I can only do that. 5. Susie, why are you trying to do things, that I can only do? Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

     Let me explain this even the more, it's like confronting someone for talking about you, and you warning them that if they don't stop talking about you then you'll going to kick their butt. Nonetheless they continue to talk about you, and when you see them you slap them so hard they fall on a rock and die. I know this is far fetched, however I'm trying to get you to see how far the Ego-Enemy will go in it's own self-righteousness. And the moral of this story is, you end up going to jail for manslaughter, or you live on this earth with all that bottled up hell of excuses, and whenever someone ask you about what happened. You hurl "I only wanted to stop them from talking about me, I didn't know they were prone for seizures.  

    Think about it, isn't this the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard. I mean really, because what you are saying is that your are in control of two peoples choices (yours and theirs). Then when you end up in jail or hell you scream out "God help me!" He already did, by enabling you with his spirit (Holy Spirit) the voice you heard all while you were talking about what you were going to do, before you done it. Now don't get this wrong, still yet, God will and can use your life for his Glory, however he had other plans for you, but you altered his plans with your choice.

     Be reminded the Ego-Enemy always has a point to prove, and that is it is in control of you, instead of you being in control of it. Let's be real, even at that very moment, this person heard Christ-Conscious asking them to deny the Ego-Enemy access to rule in the situation, however they ignored it, and join forces with the Ego-Enemy to falsely remove someone else choice to say whatever they want when they want. Remember the Ego-Enemy has one job, destroy you before you destroy it with Christ-Conscious.

     In all sincerity, I have never ever seen or heard of a choice not affect someone else. All choices good or evil affect someone else. Let’s take a moment to reflect upon the many choices we’ve made lately. Isn’t it interesting how Christ-conscious choices always result in good, and pleasantly affects all involved. On the other end the ego-enemy choices result in evil, and gravely affect all involved.Even though for the last few years, I’ve been applying this logic, and have experienced countless positive results. There have been times I’ve fallen prey to the ego-enemy and the results have always been negative all the way around.

     Let’s quickly reflect on the first human beings’ (Adam and Eve). Now let’s read chapter (Genesis 2-3). See how Eve’s choice exploited Adam to conform to her will of choice that altered Gods first choice for them which was to be perfect beings in a perfect environment. Instantly this choice disconnected the Christ-conscious (God and reasoning) and connected the ego-enemy (flesh and Satan) which in turn altered the worlds relationship with its creator. Catastrophically this brought about mortality, deaths’, infirmities’, wars’, disharmony’ and hardships’ of all kind.

    Do you see how one choice interfered with God’s choice for us to live in the world he created for us forever. As you may know since God created all and is all, His choice of love and holiness must rectify all hate, and ungodliness. Therefore in His choice he sends fourth himself (Jesus) to redeem the choice that Adam and Eve given away to ego-enemy. So that what He created could continue to pursue by choice the Godly relationship in which he created in the earth in the first place. I must stop now, because there is a choice, and I must post on tommorow Part 2#. Hopefully you'll apply your choice and join me.

I'm Susie Hill blogging to stay free and free others. .