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As always I'm amazed at how blogs such as these come about. I was talking with God yesterday "yes I talk with God all the time."  Some may inquire “Do you hear voices?” “Absolutely!” How could I not, all in all I am “trichotomy” Spirit/Soul/Body. I know these very words have become so cliche, no-one dares to questions those that declare them. Allow me to define them without you becoming dogmatic to say the least.

    I am a Spirit (eternal) and in this spirit is the domain of the infinite God. " They threw themselves on their faces and said, "O God, God of everything living, when one man sins are  you going to take it out on the whole community?" ( Numbers 16:22-23. The Message). I mentioned this Scripture so that you'll have a clear understanding on why I say I hear the voice of God. Surely God speaks to us when we inquire of him.

   Whether folk will admit it or not we have a soul (mind) “Man was created a living soul.” ( Genesis 2:7). In this soul is our heart (mind) that is engulfed with our will, intellect, and emotions. Everyone of us (minus Adam/Eve) was impregnated in a Body (Flesh). Which happens to be "The biochemical machine" as many doctors define us to be. The body (machine) in-houses our spirit and soul, which enables them to properly function for the THIRD-WORLD in which we temporary dwell in. “And the Lord God formed a man's body from the dust of the ground and breathed into it the breath of life. And the man became a living soul.” ( Genesis 2:7).

    The point here is, God not only hears my voice, but I hear His as well. I felt it needful to go on this short tangent “SPIRIT/SOUL/BODY” in hopes you'll gain some clarity on why I allude to the entire world "THIRD-WORLD". Did you know that when you claim alliance to God then you are in essence one of those beaming lights shining in the THIRD-WORLD? "Here's another way to put it: You're here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world. God is not a secret to be kept. We're going public with this, as public as a city on a hill." (Matthew 5:14). Let's pause here for a moment, and read this scripture again. 

  My friends, before we go any further with this blog, allow me a moment to personally thank you for reading this blog today. All in all you could've read one of the  million others that are out there, however you choose this one. Thank you!

    The word of God (Bible) teaches us that evil is of this world (not just in certain countries). It also teaches us the originator of evil (Satan), and how he once filtered the heart of "all" mankind, due to the Adamic fall. Therefore as long as there is evil, they'll be THIRD-WORLDS all around you and in you. However they will not overtake you, because of your alliance to the infinite (Jesus Christ). "

       Its disturbing how we consciously define what we hear/see, but refuse to consciously define our own internal/external THIRD-WORLD. I find that many times when I mention “THIRD-WORLD” folk automatic associate it with the depravity of THIRD-WORLD COUNTRIES. They say things like Nonindustrial countries such as Africa, Asia. Latin America, etc (Gross poverty, incurable-diseases). I've even heard folk say  these countries are the worst con-artist, they eat their young,  prey on their weak, and the list goes on, and on. Interestingly wouldn't you say, considering we have the same evils occurring inside/outside front/back door, and we still yet, hurl were not THIRD-WORLD.

    Lets not divulge any further, until we honestly answer these ten grim question that would define us as being THIRD-WORLD just as well. 1. Are we starving our spirit from the truth? In so many words, do we have a relationship with our creator. Do we pray, do we read our bible? 2. Are we eating our young? Does greed consume us , will we do just about anything to get what we want, when we want it? Do we send our children to school, but refuse to be the school? Do we eat before we feed our young? Hint, "for those that have children, but will do for yourself, before you do for your children." 3. Are we building up or tearing down? Do we gossip, lie, exaggerate, berate, slander, etc? 4. Do we agree there is no cure for sickness, diseases, or addictions? Do we agree with hopeless folk about sickness and diseases? Do we promote drugs (drug abuse, alcohol abuse)? 5. Are we sitting around being Idle? You know waiting for a hand out. Do we volunteer, or do we berate those that do? Do we attend worship, or do we sit idle, and talk about folk that do? 6. Do we prey on the weak (be-fooling folk, especially the ones that are weak in their emotions)? Do we lie for gain? You know lie so that we'll look good, feel good, and become good? Do we lie to the children (telling them we'll return later, but later never turns?) 7. Do we work the land in which we eat from, or do we belong to the elite group of “forever returning inmates.” You know the ones, back and fourth in jail (whilst we the tax-payers pay their way, and the family they left behind way. 8. Do we sleep all day, and eat other folks gain all night? 9. Are we productive to this world? You know being an example of that beacon light in which we are suppose to be? 10. Do we have short-term goals, long terms goals, life-goals. Mm-mm, so are you that  THIRD-WORLD COUNTRY that you accuse others of being?

    This brings to mind a conversation I had last night with a friend about the worlds economic system. She expressed several factors, however there was (1) one I just had to process. “One country in particular is known for eating their young.” she said. I begged to differ, but I agreed that this is the history in which many has implemented in the minds of those that dare to explore the spiritual aspect of their own history. As soon as I said this, I started to think about all the negative connotations annexed onto every country, leaving our country as the supposed to be “good” country. You know the land of the free.

    Ask yourself "Is our country really free?" Highly considering, if a country is "free" then why is the majority of it's citizens in bondage? I just threw that out there to see who could catch it. All in all, were known as the country that was built on the backs of Africans. Also were known for selling African children, supporting illiteracy (not allowing Africans to read). Aren't we the same country that beat fear into those same Africans so they'll only comply to one race of folk. By far isn't this eating your young? I thought so! Hold up wait a minute! I love my country, and wouldn't want to be in any other country, however I know my country is THIRD-WORLD just the same.

    Can we at least establish this truth about this world "It is a THIRD-WORLD eating it's young.” As King Soloman so candidly stated "There is nothing new under the sun." Just in case this isn't sitting well with you, turn your local news on for a moment, matter of fact turn the world news on. Please understand, I entwined many examples in the contents of this blog, because I wanted desperately to prompt you to explore the THIRD-WORLD that is in you, as well as around you.

I'm Susie L Hill blogging to stay free and free others.