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                                   TODAY IS THE GREATEST TO THE LEAST MONDAY

     I think its fare to say this expression is stating there is supremacy accommodating meekenss.  By far when Jesus Christ arrived into this desolate place (world)  he taken on the role of being the  LEAST.  "Who is more important? Is it the one at the table, or the one who serves? Isn't it the one who is at the table? But I am among you as one who serves." (Luke 22:27 NIRV). Throughout the bible, God admonishes us to servitude. For example, He speaks of the greatest being the least, and the first being the last. First thing first, the greatest doesn't mean one has forfeited their greatest to become the least, it means that one has now allowed its greatest to accommodate the least.  

     My friends, there is so much honor in being the least among those that are in physicaL  and spiritual bondage. As you may know from reading my blogs, everyday I awaken I ask God "how can I be of service to him?' It yet surprises me when He sends people, places, and things onto my path to honor what I've asked of Him. It is such a privilege to be intimately involved with God to the point that he entrust his creation in our very hands. How awesome is that!   

     As I evolve from one spiritual level to the next, I'm starting to realise that THE GREATEST TO THE LEAST is God denoting his power on this earth. This week-end I met someone who was "very" angry at God. We talked about their anger, their agitation, their disappointments, and their fears. They said to me "I was drawn to you all." As soon they said this I knew very well what they were drawn to, and it wasn't "Susie" or her friends, it was the light of Jesus shining through a dark place.  I mean really this person invited them self  to our table, and comfortably set to partake of whatever we were going to say or do.  I could tell their presence changed the atmosphere for others, however it didn't move me one bit. At that point I saw the GREATEST TO THE LEAST.  My heart was sadden as they shared with me why they were so "angry" at God. I told them how God doesn't have a problem with them expressing that to Him. They looked at me, and said "are you serious?" My reply "Yes, very serious. He's God, the one who created you to come into this earth, he very knows how angry you are right now." We talked, and I shared with them the gospel, as well as how joyful I was to had met them.

     Sadly many of us meet the least all the time, but were so busy being the greatest in our own lives and the lives of others that we miss out on assisting God with the least. I asked God how is it that I can articulate this GREATNESS of his flowing in me, and people that claim to have this same greatness dissect it as the world does, then places it in a box as the world does. This is what the Holy Spirit spoken to me  "in order for anyone to become the least among my creation they must know without a shadow-of-a-doubt that innately they are the GREATEST." Mm-mm, I thought, this makes sense spiritually and physically. Then he went to say to me "That is why I enforce identify, identify, identify with your God, because when you know who you are in the greatest (God) there will be no confusion on why you must become the least among the least."

     Please get this!  Jesus knew his father God was the GREATEST, therefore he had no problem taking on the assignment of being the least. "God places all things under Christ's rule. He appointed him to be ruler over everything for the church." (Ephesians 2:22). Do you see now, how Jesus never lost his Greatness among the LEAST. Allow me to prove it to you with this one simple scripture. "I can ask my Father for help? He would send an army of more than 70,000 angels right away.. But then how would the scriptures come true? They say it must happen in this way." (Matthew26:53-54 NIRV). Be reminded, Jesus said this to one of his disciples during the time he was being arrested, and on his way to the cross. Lets ponder this scripture for a moment.  

     There are so many people that think there is an hierarchy system on servitude. My God, my Lord is concerned about the least, that is why he sends out the greatest to assist the least. However this can only be done when we ask the greatest (Jesus Christ) to be Lord over our life. "Say with your mouth,  "Jesus is Lord ." Believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead. Then you will be saved. " (Romans 10:9). I don't think anyone in this world can become the GREATEST TO THE LEAST without first recognizing they are the greatest in Gods eyes.  I consider myself to be GREATEST TO THE  LEAST, because I have identified with our God as him being the greatest in this earth, and outside of this earth. By aligning with such greatness I have no problem whatsoever being the least in this earth. For I already know that being the GREATEST is to make my flesh (ego) align by becoming the least among the least.

     If you really want to be THE GREATEST TO THE LEAST you'll have to literally reject your flesh (ego) from auditioning from all those illusions and fantasies roles that appear to be the greatest.  Now ask yourself which category defines you? "Are you THE GREATEST TO THE LEAST? Are you THE LEAST TO THE GREATEST? Be reminded THE GREATEST TO THE LEAST is where freedom is. "So if the Son of Man sets you free, you will really be free." (John 8:36 NIRV).  I can say with all sincerity I take delight in being THE GREATEST TO THE LEAST, for this is one of my greatest asset to give to this world.

      I'm Susie Hill blogging to stay free and free others.....