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This is one of those adjectives that stands alone. For it takes precedence over every other adjective, especially when applies in the contents of the unexplainable. My friends Jesus was SUPERLATIVE in the grave two-thousand years ago on a Good Friday. Hold up wait a minute! Its not just what I'm saying, or what the Holy Ghost has laid before me, its a recorded historic, biblical fact. Be reminded this blog is 2 of 2, a piggy back off of BUBBLING OVER THURSDAY.

     My friends isn't it interesting how we can believe something, and take it on as fact, because we've heard it so many times. This too can be foolishness, especially when we don't explore things for ourselves. I always write about being conscious in everything we hear and do. For the last several weeks I've been attentive to the many that exclaim the day, hour, and scenes of the Crucifixion and Resurrection. The deeper I explored, and asked God for the truth. I realize more than anything everyone has their own depiction of what occurred. I also realized that most folk don't care, their just elated that Jesus died, and rose. However we should care about the crucial points “days” that occurred, and just maybe we'll have a deeper respect for the sacrifice that was made.

Can I ask you a few questions. “Do you know what the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Passover) mean? The Last Supper? The Sabbath? The First Fruits? Hint- Jesus rose on the day of the First fruits “Easter?” Did you know that Jesus was symbolically fulfilling the laws. Did you know it wasn't wooden stakes that Jesus died on, but it was actually a tree. My friends this is so big, especially when it folds right before ones eyes, as it did mine.

With all sincerity, I was like the many I didn't care what day. I was just excited that our Jesus had done something SUPERLATIVE for our redemption. Nevertheless my interest was sparked, when I became curious to why I never questioned the day “even after I became a Christian.” My friends due to the guidance of the Holy Ghost, and exploring the many facts I no longer agree with my prior beliefs. I was thanking God that I never had to defend what I so believed for many years. Which I know now was misguided information appearing to be real. I say today with much confidence, I believe the grueling process for our Jesus started on a Wednesday night after 6:00pm sunset. Be reminded, that this wasn't a rushed process, many horrific events occurred before the actual Crucifixion.

Okay, for all you Scholars who denounce this claim, we can agree that it all occurred. And since this is a blog! I'm going to agree with historians, biblical resources '”Bible”, and the Holy Ghost directing me. “Jesus was betrayed and arrested on a Wednesday night after 6;pm sunset.” Ask yourself this if Jesus was actually Crucified on a Good Friday at sunset, wouldn't Saturday at sunset equal a full day. I'm just saying. Out the window goes that one for me!

Please understand the world cant behold this truth, and some church folk can't either. For their truth lies in the views of the worlds contaminated imaginations, illusions, assumptions enslaved with many theories. This world takes pleasure in godly folk ignorance. We just don't explore the truth enough, we take on everything folk say to us as face-value. Especially if it arrives from the church, this too can be tragic. Lets be real, the Holy ghost isn't dwelling in everyone in the church . Get a grip! Sadly many churches have succumbed to the worlds views “false evidence appearing to be real.” Fortunately at our very disposal we have authentic evidence appearing to be false to the world, but in actuality it is very real spiritual as well as physically. Therefore I can exclaim what I believe, and not care about he backlash of what may occur.

I'm going to say it again, I beleive “Jesus was arrested on a Wednesday evening after 6:00pm sunset. Do the math. Let me throw this in here. 'The temple curtain was torn in two 12:00 noon “Jewish” time. May I emphasis, 12:00 noon “Jewish” time. (Luke 23:45). Paraphrase mine. And Jesus exclaimed “ Father, into your hands I commit my very life.” After he said this he took his last breath.” (Luke 23:46). Really ask yourself “If this would've occurred as the many church folk proclaim on Good Friday, then how was Jesus in the grave for (3) three days. I think the discrepancy lies in the recollection of one of the books of the bible. Do your research, for clarity is awaiting.

I have another key point for you. Remember Joseph of Arimathea, had to go and ask Pilate for the body of Jesus. (Luke 23:52). Most surely this didn't happen right after the Crucifixion. I'm just saying. Also take into consideration the women who saw Jesus being Crucified, later followed Joseph when he taken Jesus body to the tomb. The bible says “they immediately went home to prepare spices for Jesus body.” (Luke 23:55-56). Which was expected of their culture when someone died “prepare spices and perfumes to embalm a loved one.” (Luke 23:55.) Seems to me all of this was occurring on Good Friday. The bible then goes on to say “By the time they finished it was the “Sabbath”so they rested all day “Saturday” as required by the law.” (Luke 23:56).The point is this, in order for Jesus to complete the (3) three-days in the grave, and arise on Saturday sometime after 6:00pm sunset, he couldn't have been Crucified on Good Friday. Lets digest for a moment. This is soooo SUPERLATIVE.

My Friends as I close SUPERLATIVE Friday, be reminded that the exact days are matter of importance. For God said "My children perish because they lack knowledge." The point is know your truth! While never removing from the main point of interest and focus which is our Jesus was Crucified for us, and Resurrected because he loves each and everyone of us that much. 

I'm Susie L Hill blogging to stay free and free others...