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As you may know or not know STOP means to stay until it’s time to proceed, YIELD means to be pause, and move with caution, and Go means to proceed. I’ll be metaphorically applying these transport-rules of road to the many trials that enter our road (path) as we travel from goal to goal to reach our divine purpose.

     I’m sure many folk are about to STOP into a trial, or YIELD in a trial, or GO out of a trial. Be encouraged today, our God knows exactly “what” trials will take us to our purpose. Who’ll deny that sometimes STOP-YIELD GO trials cause us "not" to want to kneel down (pray), sit down (think), lay down (rest), or stand up  (victorious). What I find to be so true about STOP-YIELD GO is when I react in a "fleshly" manner (grumbling, complaining, idleness), I'm so far away from my goal, and reaching my purpose. Now on the other hand, when I react in a "Godly" manner, by kneeling down (praying ), sitting down (thinking), laying down (resting), or standing up (victorious), I'm much closer to reaching my goal, and dwelling in my purpose.

     Just the other day, I was working on one of my enormous goals (the work load is much), and I became a bit discouraged in the process. I sat down (think) and shortly reflected on how many times I’ve had to STOP-YIELD GO while trying my best to arrive in my purpose.  As God would have it to be my daughter called, and I let out a sigh. I briefly explained to her how I was feeling, and her response was “Don’t give up Sue, your almost there.” Without a doubt she is one of my biggest (verbal) cheerleader; my other children (silently) sat on the sideline and cheer me on. I immediately thanked God for sending her at the right time, and proceeded to work.

      All while those seven words resonated within me “Don’t give up Sue, your almost there.” I completed that part of the project, and rested in the perfect peace that God promised me long time ago. “The strength to keep going must be allowed to finish its work. Then you will be all you should be. You will have everything you need.” (James 1:4).

      My friends, God never said our goals would allow us to dwell in our purpose without STOP-YIELD GO of many trials. He warned us repeatedly in his word (The Bible) how we would experience many trials/tribulation (opposition of many evil forces, and despondent inclinations). “I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trails and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33).

      Be reminded, there is a STOP-YIELD GO process in this life, and trials are included. The good news is, if we process the trials by reacting with one of the Godly actions as I mentioned we’ll meet the goals to dwell in our purpose. Please I beg of you not to grumble, complain, or become idle with the STOP-YIELD GO of your trials. These are times we must denouce our flesh, and kneel, sit, lay or stand.  We must never forget that through every trial God is the one that is making sure when we STOP we can kneel, when we YIELD we can sit or lay, and when we GO we can stand in victory in Him. ““Blessed is the man who keeps on going when times are hard. After he has come through them, he will receive a crown. The crown is life itself. God has promised it to those who love him.” (James 1:12).

 I’m Susie L Hill blogging to stay free and free others.