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                                             TODAY IS SOME 1 NEED U TUESDAY

     I thought it would be well to apply a scripture first to simplify this phrase. “There will always be some in the land who are poor. That is why I am commanding you to share freely with the poor and with other Israelites in need. (Deuteronomy 15:11). This scripture is speaking of those that are in poverty, however I'll be applying it to the poor in vitality

      There is one indisputable fact “we all need each other.” Allowing none to be excusable for not extending a helping hand to someone, someplace, somewhere, and sometime. Okay, lets start with some of the retirement (retreat) homes, as well as the nursing (assistance) home. Some may inquire why I mentioned these two? Because this is where life ends for the many that have invested their lives into this world. Hold up wait a minute! I'm very much aware that some folk are obliged to retire this way. I'm also very much aware that some had no options, but to comply. The point I'm trying to make is regardless of the situation SOME 1 NEED U.

       Some one very dear to our family was in a nursing home for an entire year, and everyday without fail one of us would make sure we went to lotion their body, sit, talk, pray, read, whatever it taken we were there. We clearly understood the function of the facility as well as the short staff, the monies that the employees were being paid. Which brought us to the conclusion that just because they were capable of taking care of our loved one, didn't mean they were able to give them what they needed. My mother used to say “that's where we come in.” Through sleet, rain, heavy snow, storms SOME 1 NEEDED US, and we faithfully obliged to comply. I'll never forget what (1) one of the nurses said to my mother “If only there were more family like yours. Thank you, we can't do it all.” It amazed me then, and it amazes me now how thankful the nurse was for us assisting them in taking care of our family.  The point is not only did our loved one NEED US, but the nurse NEEDED US as well.

    Several years ago I volunteered at a facility here in town. Once a month I would take custard to the folk that never got any visitors. The smile on there faces were priceless, and the gratitude is unexplainable. I shall remember the time I arrived late, and one of the elderly ladies said to me “I thought you forgot about us.” I reassured I would never intentionally forget about them. One of them said to me “Susie, you know how I've been pleading with my extended family to let me go home just to try it again. I have good news, I'm going home next week.” I was so excited for her, however it quickly departed when I looked over at her roommate. The tears in her eyes shown her sadness. I hugged her, and explained to her the best of my ability that her roommate needed to go home, and she was going to be very sad if she was sad, and going home wouldn't be as joyful as she planned.  She looked at her roommate, and asked her to promise that she would call from time to time to check on her.” She then looked at me and asked if I was still going to be bringing the custard once a month. I was compelled to tell her that I would now bring it twice a month. Her roommate said to me “Susie you know I really don't have any family, so would you just stop by sometime to check on me?” I obliged... The joy in the room was priceless..

      Remember “none are excusable.” SOME 1 NEED U... Can you imagine for a moment having no options, being forced “most of the time” to comply by dwelling in a retirement home or nursing home. Nesting with folk you never knew. Hardly every seeing your loved ones. Wondering day after day, night after night what you done so bad that not even a stranger will stop by and see you.

     Surely many have invested dearly in their family/friends/strangers, and now at the end of their departure, many refuse to resist ego (flesh) and take (5) five minutes to stop by and say one word “Hi” or find some pennies around the house/apartment for postage just to say one word “Hi.” Lets stop for a moment... SOME 1 NEED U! What can you do today to assist God in fulfilling that NEED? Oh, remember there are no excuses, for the very thing that ego-enemy doesn't want you to do, is the very thing you should do. SOME 1 NEED U.

     I'm Susie L Hill blogging to stay free and free others....