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      I’ll be applying this expression to the suddenly of the unexpected that will occur while we temporary travel through this life. I feel compelled to share with someone two fine examples of how being SIDE-SWIPED can take on a life of its own if we allow it.

     Last year, I was literally SIDE-SWIPED into anguish, and I had no inkling why such a horrific accident had occurred at my home to someone that I love very much.  As I sit here, and reflect on that SIDE-SWIPE moment I recall doing many things that were out of my norm, feeling pressured that all must be rushed in preparation for my much later evening. I had no inkling that my rush of the morning was really a preparation for an impending devastation that would erupt into many glorious signs, miracles, and wonders of restorations. “What should we say then? Since God is on our side, who can be against us? God did not spare his own Son. He gave him up for us all. Then won’t he also freely give us everything else.” (Romans 8:310.)       

     I'm just in awe (goose bumps still today) at how being SIDE-SWIPED can bring about vital signs, miracles, and wonders (supernatural movement of God being displaying in the natural). All that were possibly doubtful of the supernatural movement of God could no longer place a disclaimer, because everyone that was involved experienced God like never, ever before. And for all those that ushered in the supernatural movement of God they could now proclaim as Paul had proclaimed "He has given me power to do signs and miracles. he has given me the power of the Holy Spirit." (Romans 15:19). When I ponder this scripture, I'm yet taken back how SIDE-SWIPED swoops in, and the power of the Holy Spirit blazes with signs and miracles.

      I know some may say “Ms. Susie that may be true for you, but I got SIDE-SWIPED many years ago, and I’m still yet, experiencing difficulties putting the pieces back together.” I’m so sadden that you are experiencing the scum from being SIDE-SWIPED, I too know very well what that feels like. My father died a tragic death when I was a young woman (he was the love of our life) and it taken me about twenty something years to finally realize that I was SIDE-SWIPED to live and not die. In essence his horrific accident equipped me to now share with the world the many grand illusions that some fathers become engulfed with (minus God) then to go on, and paint them unto their children canvas (were liken as a picture of art).

     This is my thing, my father repeatedly painted onto our canvas his love of hugs, kisses, warmth, peace, communication, and journeys. Sadly not once did he paint any of those qualities of God onto us. And when he was SIDE-SWIPED from us, we were left with a gigantic space that we needed to quickly paint something in. Therefore we painted many things that looked like, felt like, and acted like our father. Glory is to God! I finally understood this one particular scripture in reference to me needing a spiritual father far greater than a physical one. “Father to the fatherless, defender of widows this is God, whose dwelling is holy.” (Psalm 68:5). I can only speak for myself, I greatly needed a being (God) in my life that when I experienced SIDE-SWIPED in the natural He could then bring about a supernatural change instead of a temporary natural change.

     The point is being SIDE-SWIPED appears to always be bad news, but in retrospect it shows us how to have faith in the good news that prevails from the signs and miracles if we willing allow it. “The good news shows how God makes people right with himself. From beginning to the end, becoming right with God depends on a person’s faith. It is written, “Those who are right with God will live by faith.” (Romans 1:17). Remeber there are no new SIDE-SWIPES everything that has happened to you, happened for you.

I'm Susie L Hill blogging to stay free and free others...