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     This expression is a completed absolute of imposing a sanction onto ones life. By all means please don't fill in the blank. Just take a moment to reflect on the last time you spoken these insoluble words. I'll be applying this to the many who have spoken this tragedy in reference to their life in general, as well as others.

     I have a prime example, I was talking with someone and they said "I'm NEVER GOING TO GET out of debt." Be reminded this is just one of the many NEVERS that folk speak fourth, unfortunately there are many, many more. Did you know saying NEVER in reference to anything that Jesus died and rose for is interference in your right to NEVER become the product of the worlds many NEVERS. "Don' use foul or abusive language. Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them." (Ephesians 4:29).

     Listen saying NEVER GOING TO GET isn't wholesome or good speech, and it sure isn't encouraging. For it is an absolute of NEVER ever attaining that which is possible through God. "He replied, "What is impossible for people is possible for God."" (Luke 18:27). Sadly, but true we make it impossible with God when we speak that is impossible. Hold up wait a minute! By far this sentence doesn't contradict the impossibility of God, for there are no impossibles with the unlimited possibles of an sovereign God.  I'm trying to allow you to see that if you have said NEVER GOING TO GET, then why would God override what you have clearly spoken. Your the one who said it! "The words you say will either acquit you or condemn you." (Matthew 12:37).

     See the problem is that many of us say NEVER GOING TO GET, than we try to get that which we have already spoken that were not going to get. Travesty!  Just the other day someone said "My relationship will NEVER GET any better." I wholeheartedly agreed. Sadly, they'll continually to endure the many destructions in which the world experience in there NEVER relationships. 

     As I evolve from one level of consciousness to the next, I find it to be startling how evil the heart really is. And how the enemy subtly speaks evil thoughts to the receptive heart, and out of the mouth here it comes. Mmmm, lets ponder this for a moment. Please understand, the enemy (Satan) can't make us do or say anything, Sadly he's only searching to see what's really in the heart of us, and the minute we latch on by saying it, he goes over kill with more thoughts. Be adviced the enemy (Satan) is very smart, and very well he should be, considering all the experience he has with human behavior "eons of years they say."

    The sadden truth is many of us don't have a enemy (Satan) NEVER GOING TO GET  problem "Jesus situated that problem at the cross and rose so we could be free from that problem." However we have a heart problem." Guard you heart above all else, for it determines that course of your life." ( Proverbs 4:23). I say this with all sincerity many of our hearts have been opened to many of the evils of this world, and sadly the heart has become desensitized to words of destruction. Rather you know it or not  "NEVER" is one of Satan greatest tools to keep folk sanctioned in there own misery. This is one of the very reasons He continues to try and keep folk ignorant of the evil that is lying in there very own heart.   

     As I mentioned earlier about the person stating "I'm NEVER GOING TO GET out of debt." My response was "mmmm." All in all I'd never really talked with this person about negative language, and in no way was about to without assistance of the Holy Ghost, and He hadn't yet spoken to me to do so. Some may ask why? First thing first the Holy ghost can only dwell in peace. Sadly, this person body language wasn't demonstrating peace, for it was searching for an argument of some sort, and their voice was in compliance. Nevertheless they had the audacity to become disturbed, while hurling  "what's mmmm about?" I said "if you care to discuss this in detail we need to pray, and you need to check your ego (flesh) and take a breather, and allow me explain to you what I believe and why it is working for me. They agreed. The first thing I asked him was "How long has he been in debt, and how long has he been trying to get out of debt?" His reply "(6) six years for both." I said "been there, done that." I then went on to say, if he continues to speak NEVER GOING TO GET out of debt then very well so, he's NEVER GOING TO GET out of debt. I then asked him to do as I'd done, as well as many others accept that he alone has set the stage for debt to remain in his life." I knew ego (flesh) intwined with the enemy (Satan) would rear its  head. This person became a bit agitated, and hurled "You think I want to be in debt!" I said "really dude! Your ego (flesh) is trying to keep you from attaining this wisdom that is right before you, and believe me I recognize ego (flesh) onset in this conversation. Oh, how I used allow it to hinder me from gaining wisdom. He agreed. I said "No one wants debt, but many continue to create it in their life for the fruit of nothing-less. By that I mean many create debt to be accepted by the world, or on the flip side to appease the ego (flesh) to mimic the world. Tragically when debt tries to consume them they hurl what many of us have hurled NEVER GOING TO GET out of debt. When in fact, your the one that is literally allowing the enemy (Satan) to impose sanctions of words upon your thoughts in which your heart agrees to speak.

     Tragically, many of us perceive everything the way our heart defines it to be. Please allow me the room to admittedly say I've said NEVER GOING TO GET "before. Mercifully, I was deprogramed by the Holy Ghost" in reference to many areas of my life."  Thank you Jesus for teaching me in depth the power of my being. My friends, it wasn't easy being deprogramed per-say. All in all I'd lived a life of destructive speaking out of sheer ignorance. Thank you Jesus for sending Holy Ghost filled preachers, teachers, prophets, evangelist, woman groups, and seminars which taught me about my spirit, body, and soul.

     I say candidly one of my hardest task was dealing with my soul  "the heart (mind) of the will, emotions, and intellect"  which aligns with the worlds speech and behavior. And this evil heart of mine "which had ran loose for many of years, while speaking many ignorant loathsome things" was a major target area in which the enemy (Satan) could subtly encroach upon. I know some of you have a hard time digesting the truth about the heart, however everything starts in the heart. Thats why King David cried out "Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a loyal spirit me." (Psalm 51:10). Unfortunately many of us will ignore our own heart and continue to be as the world, speaking that which opposses what God has said is rightfully ours.

     I taken my freedom of unlimited possibilities in Christ very seriously. Therefore when I hear folk speak opposite of what God has spoken, I become sadden, because I recognize that speech is arriving from an evil heart that has come into compliance with an evil thought NEVER GOING TO GET. And if one is refusing to recognize where this speech is deriving from, I'll start disassociating myself as far as my speech with that person, because I don't want that NEVER GOING TO GET It to try and usurp over what my speech has already spoken. And as you may know if you listen to folk speak defeat long enough it'll start to exasperate from that which you believe "it doesn't matter how grounded you are in your belief." A wise person (Christian) will never, ever say there NEVER GOINT TO GET that which Christ has graciously given them.  "Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble." (Proverbs 13:20). How many of us can testify that we've walked with folk that spoke foolishness, and we subtly became part of that foolishness.

     May I remind you, this freedom from an evil heart speaking fourth evil  wasn't without opposition, my ego (flesh) was speaking it's language of NEVER, while the enemy (Satan) was suggestion it succumb to what used to be in my heart. Now do you understand why I will not partake of such language?

     Some may ask "What can I do Ms. Susie to stop saying NEVER GOING TO GET." Repent to God for such foolish talk, and deactivate all ill words that you have ever spoken pertaining to NEVER GOING TO GET into the atmoshphere. For example, I've said "I speak to every word of evil I've ever spoken to spirit realm as well as the natural realm to be void and null. Those words of defeat will no longer penetrate nor will it accomplish that which I ignorantly spoken of. In Jesus name!" My friends, this is only a starting point, the Holy ghost will always direct the prayer of folk that are remorseful for being ignorant or foolish. Even if you are struggling with beleiving this blog, ask God for the wisdom to know the difference , and become proactive in that wisdom. This is your friend Susie L Hill blogging to be free and free others.