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This insoluble will always denote unquestionable defeat. Father God help us all!  Did you know when we allow self (flesh) people, places, and things to NEGATIVELY CONTROL our emotions we have succumbed to defeat. As Christians were not suppose to function in NEGATIVE CONTROL.    

     It disturbs my spirit when I hear other christians speak NEGATIVE, without evoking a positive stimuli onto it. By that I mean, if the situation is NEGATIVE "be reminded we dwell in a NEGATIVE world"  also evil is always NEGATIVE, for it's impossible for it to be POSITIVE. Most defiantly for sure, were going to experience some NEGATIVE situations that will try and CONTROL our emotions, and the outcome of the situations. Nonetheless we are to be the positive in all negative situations. "No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us." (Romans 8:37).    

    Please get this! We have so much POSITIVE CONTROL to deactivate NEGATIVE CONTROL. "Christ Jesus died for us and was raised to life for us, and he is sitting in the place of honor at God's right hand, pleading for us." (Romans 8:34).  Sadly many of us act as though God doesn't know about the NEGATIVE things that are happening to us, and around us. The question to ask here is "Why are we allowing  NEGATIVE CONTROL to CONTROL that which we have already conquered in Jesus?"    

     Would you like to know what I think about folk who live in NEGATIVE CONTROL? I think  the majority of these folk are lazy in the word of God, lazy in their relationship with God, and lazy in the world which happens to be engrossed with negative language at all times. If I hear another person say "I'm only human" in reference to NEGATIVE CONTROL my reply will be "Who said you wasn't human?" All in all  these are the very words that I once applied in order to maintain my sinful lifestyle, and excuse my behavior. Admittedly I deceived many folk with these words, and likewise I was deceived.     

     Please get this! When we hurl "I'm only human" in reference to NEGATIVE CONTROL we are gravely being employed to deceive ourselves in accepting defeat, and the defeat of others. Listen, the only reason NEGATIVE exist in this world in the first place is because of Satan "created being by God" liberally made the choice to rebel which created a negative response against that which was positive. Think about it, since God created Satan, and every created being than surely we have the same "choice" just as well to create a negative or positive in the midst of our choice. How awesome is that!    

     My friends, you have choice right now, rather your going to allow NEGATIVE CONTROL to dictate that choice through your emotions is your own choice, just as it was Satan choice to rebel/reject God with his choice of NEGATIVE CONTROL. Be reminded, our emotions determine rather were defeated or not, all in all our emotions are a predictor of what we say and do when negative situations occur in our life.   

     Hold up wait a minute! In no way am I saying we don't need emotions, this would be unrealistic. What I'm saying is emotions are never to be a guide to how we respond to what is occurring in our lives. I have one pivotal sign that tells me whether or not I'm in NEGATIVE CONTROL. And one pivotal sign that tells me whether or not I'm in POSTIVE CONTROL. 1. Sin: When sin is in our lives, or the lives of folk that are close to us it will create a NEGATIVE CONTROL. Sometimes it arrives in forms of hollering, crying, cursing, or screaming. I can so testify to it. I remember when I was willing partaking of sin, I was in such NEGATIVE CONTROL that I couldn't find away out of that mess.     

     I shall forever remember crying and screaming "God this is so unfair "victim" why me, etc. When I tell you I cried, and yelled till there were no tears, or voice left to express my emotions (flesh). As I started to calm down, I could hear Gods voice within me " Go to the mirror and look at yourself." Since I was familiar with his voice,  I sluggish went and looked at myself, by the way I looked ridiculous. For sin had taken on a life of it's on within me, and I was experiencing NEGATIVE CONTROL full force. I said "God what am I suppose to do, I got myself in a mess." As you may know by now, this always deactivates NEGATIVE CONTROL, while obliging God to liberally assist us. I was no longer in my flesh, but I was one of His beloved children that had gotten herself into sin, and I needed  him to assist me in all areas of getting out of that mess. I started to confess and repent, and immediately He (God) told me exactly what I should do. Gosh! He loves me (us) so much, he'll meet us anywhere, when we approach him as the positive spirit He is. Get the point!    

     Now lets discuss POSITIVE CONTROL. 2.Obiedence. When we are being obedient to God  man, and land positives emotion erupts when something NEGATIVE has occurred. Point in case, my son friend was murdered, and my initial response was shock, tears, then wails of whys. Shortly afterwards I started calling folk trying to find out where he was, considering they were all together. I became nervous, upset, and anxious because no one was answering their phones. I called my son phone so much till I thought to myself this is ridiculous, if something happened to him also, what was I to do.  As soon as I fell to the floor. and started to cry and pray for the parents, and sibling of his friend "redirecting NEGATIVE CONTROL" I could feel myself becoming stronger, however as you may know the enemy (Satan) started to suggest all sorts of NEGATIVE things into my thoughts, each time I had to redirect them by praying aloud, singing praise songs, etc. Get the point!  Surely I could have succumbed to the NEGATIVENESS  in many ways of CONTROL, but prayer for me seems to always strengthen me to arrive into the positive control.     

     Be reminded it is impossible to give glory to God and be in NEGATIVE CONTROL. " Our God is a God who strengthens you and cheers you up. May he help you agree with each other as follow Christ." (Romans 15:6).

I'm Susie L Hill blogging to stay free and free others...