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     I would like to first of all Thank God for allowing me to write to you all on this beautiful Thursday. Certainly this wasn’t my plan, nonetheless I am His servant obliging with Him to fulfill his promise for me while temporary traveling in this foreign (world) place.     

     My friends, it’s too late in the hour, by that I mean it's too late to continue to allow your BODY TO CALL YOU with its many sinful pleasures. Did you know the opposite of your BODY IS CALLING You? Is your SPIRIT IS CALLING YOU? Interesting wouldn’t you say, considering this sinful body is calling us to be hostile to God the moment we awaken, and the moment we fall asleep. “For the sinful nature is always hostile to God. It never did obey God’s laws, and it never will. That’s why those who are still under the control of their sinful nature can never please God.” (Romans 8:7-8).       

     From my own experiences, and many observations I find that every time MY BODY IS CALLING I’ve already answered its calls. I was telling my brother not long ago, that because we sit idle, and allow the evils of the body longings to entice us with our many former pleasures, and illuminate over our spirit we fall prey, and answer its many evil longings. I then said to him “Brother sin is at your door, and it want be long before you will go and receive it’s pleasure.”    I'm aware that some of you are questioning whether or not I prayed for him not to fall. Surely I prayed for him, as I've always prayed for him. However God will not come against our body when you have made the decision to answer its calls, because if that were so we would all be robots doing as God wanted us to do.    

     Please get this, your BODY WILL CALL, however you don’t have to answer it, because if so happens you do answer, remember you already answered in your mind first. This is one of the main reasons why the enemy (Satan) can so easily coax us along the way. The enemy (Satan) didn’t make you answer your own BODY IS CALLING, it was you, you, you.      

     I don’t guarantee much, but I will guarantee you this. The more we answer our BODY IS CALLING ME, the sicker, untimely-deaths, degenerated, hopeless, fearful, and discouraged we will become. How sad, but how true! Be reminded the definition of these vowels are to applied in a broad perspective of sin, by that I mean you can be sick in your mind from sin, but not be sick in your body. For example, I was in a "sinful" relationship, and I was always sick in my mind (torments). However when I admitted my sin, and repented to God for allowing my body to be Lord over me, my mind then became a healthy mind that produced the peace of God in that area where sickness was once on the throne. Therefore when my BODY IS CALLLING ME to partake of that former sin, I can now ignore, or reject the call, because my spirit now rules in that place. Get it!     

     I find that there are two kinds of callings. 1. Body Calling: Spiritual Calling: Be reminded one has to be the main line; either your body will be the main line answering all the calls of its longings, or your spirit will be the main line answering all the calls of its longings.

     Let me drive this point home by comparing our BODY IS CALLING ME to our cell phone, or house line. The moment our body calls we answer it according to our appetite (lies, sex, drugs, gambling, rebellious, stealing, dishonor, and a host of other callings. Likewise if the spirit calls we answer it according to our appetite (truth, celibacy, pureness, respect, honesty, and a host of other spiritual appetites.  

     Be reminded as long as we are in this body it will call for us to answer. Also as long as we have this spirit in this body it will call for us to answer.

     My friends, this is soooo good therefore you’ll have to return tomorrow for part 2 of MY BODY IS CALLING ME. For the many of you that desire a reason to why I must add a part two, I don’t know! I'm only being obedient to my spirit that is calling. Just maybe God wants you to read part one over, and over again, until it is infinite in your spirit. I hope to see you all tomorrow.

     I’m Susie L Hill blogging to stay free and free others. ..