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                                                TODAY IS LOVE CAN FRIDAY

     I awaken with LOVE on my mind... I started reading (1 Corinthians 13:14). Paul clearly compels the believers into remembrance of what selfless love really is. Who'll deny everything Paul said concerning Love is true. Sadly, many of us will never learn how to be that Love to the loveless. 

     I was thinking of how LOVE CAN do the impossible in the midst of the most impossible people, places, and things. This brings to mind, when my son and I used to volunteer with this organization at a homeless shelter. As we would serve the food, some of the people would touch and squeeze our hands, and say things like "Thank you for thinking about us." "Thank you for this home-cooked meal. etc." Many of times I would leave there sadden, and crying in the car, all the while praying asking God to meet every need for every person.

     I remember this one particular time this  guy asked me about the t-shirt I had on, he said "Did you go to that University?" He named the University, and it startled me, because my daughter was attending that University at the time, and I'd totally forgotten I had a University T-shirt on with the initials on it. I looked at him, and he pointed at the shirt. What a relief I felt. He smiled, and I smiled. Then I finally answered the question "No. My daughter goes there." He said " I was once a student at such, and such." He named a very elite school. I asked him what was his major, he told me, then he said "I got so confused, but that was a very long time ago. " Without any hesitation, or thought about the safety rules that were enforced "no hugging or touching."  I reached out and hugged him "I'm a hugger." regardless of how one of directors were peircing her eyes at me. She'd acted as though I'd done the ultimate crime, however I understand her concern for my safety. Nevertheless LOVE called, and I had to answer with a hug.

     Hold up wait a minute! I'm not advising folk to volunteer at homeless shelters, and start hugging folk. I was directed by the Holy Ghost who richly dwells in me to give this lost soul what he needed, and that was LOVE. When I tell you, I could literally feel the pressures "depression, loneliness, etc." from this world upon this mans arms. As well as his sincerity, and honesty for what he'd said to me. Even though he wasn't receptive for the hug, I innately knew that LOVE had met him in his darkest hour. It yet amazes me what the human touch can do for another human. This is Love.....

     The point is many of us are so busy LOVING our children, family, and friends. When in fact there's a big loveless world right outside of our inner circle in need of LOVE. "The essence of our charcter can illuminate LOVE to the many that can't see LOVE, feel LOVE, receive LOVE, or share LOVE. For we are that Love." (SLH).