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     “Sold what?” Please allow me to answer this question with a very old adage “I SOLD MY SOUL TO THE DEVIL.” This adage implies something was traded to the Devil, and it is no longer available for securing. Many folk have been deceived into believing that once they say, or participate in declarations, promises,  pacts,  allegiances to the Devil, and his many workshops they have now SOLD THEIR SOUL.  May I inform the many that believe they have done such! What you have done is granted evil (Satan) and his crew (demons) access to your flesh, which in turn will now rule over your soul, body, and mind. Blame Satan and his evils all you want, he’s just the driver of the car, per say “that was bought by Jesus for you” in which you willfully or ignorantly have given him the privilege to drive. In no way does he own it! “This is a lie from the pit of hell. You can’t sell what you don’t own, however you can give away yourself to whatever you choose. If you want this temporary world “fame and glory” at the price of your soul, then very well you can grant your flesh entailed with the enemy (Satan) full access to reign.

     This is the most pitiful blog I’ve written on thus far “I SOLD MY SOUL TO THE DEVIL.” I believe that anyone that declares this adage is either being ignorantly opposed, or just willfully in agreement to evil. It’s astonishing how many folk believe the Devil has security on their soul, just astonishing! It saddens me greatly, and my soul cries out “Father God allow their soul to cry out Jesus save me from eternal death.” It is not our Gods will that one should perish, and I don’t care what horrible act they may have done to themselves or others. “

     Did you know that the majority of folk whom believe they have SOLD THEMESELVES TO THE DEVIL, are ignorantly being oppossed, or willfully being just foolish. “My people are being destroyed because they don’t know me.” (Hosea 4:6). Only if the many personally knew the God that created all in all, nothing can ever be owned that was created by a triune God that owns all and is all. Who can deny that Satan is a vile powerful spirit, relentlessly pursing our physical bodies to do the many evils in which it is predisposed to do. Did you know every time we ignorantly or willfully make allegiance with evil, were adhering to what our very own flesh desires. Sadly, being  ignorant of evil devices being entwined with the flesh will cause many to suffer the consequences of sin. “The grave is licking its chops in anticipation of Jerusalem, this delicious morsel. Her great and lowly will be swallowed up, with all drunken crowds. (Isaiah 5:15).

     Allow me to reiterate, Satan can’t own what he's never created. “So God created people in his own image; God patterned them after himself; male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:27). As I was talking to my niece about this blog, she said “You know aunt Susie the devil is a worker, he’s like the skinny Nutty Professor in the movie, always telling you to do bad things. “She’s eighteen.”  This young adult recognizes that there is an evil spiritual voice that constantly pleads and begs for us to come into allegiance with him by granting our ego (flesh) access to adhere to his many vile evils.

     It’s ridiculous to believe the devil can own ones soul. When in fact he doesn’t own himself, did you forget God created him also? It’s a relief for me that Satan has a perimeter in which he could never go beyond “blood of Jesus?”  Thank God that Jesus redeemed us, for that evil worker (Satan) was doing all sorts of things. Surely Adam and Eve had no inkling that they were opening up a can of evil, per-say.

     Can I ask you a question? “If there was a time “Job proved there was a time” Satan was able to accuse Gods creation, in order to have certain rights, then how could he then own Gods creation?” Let’s ponder this question for a moment. Who’ll deny that Satan once had an accessible entrance into heaven, in which he could accuse Gods creation. “One day the angels came again to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan the Accuser came with them. Where have you come from? The Lord asked Satan.” Tragically,  Satan has so polluted this scripture, and many folk ignorantly or foolishly believe that this denoted his control, when in fact it proved how limited he really was, and still is. My friends, I once believed this lie, not any longer, for I have been disillusioned. I’m (100) hundred percent sure it’s impossible for ungodliness of any sort to have access to enter the holiness where the blood of Jesus resides, and where we are hidden.

     Gosh! It taken me years of fear, and bondage to finally understand Satan’s limited ability to harass me, and his incompetence to accuse me. It soothing to my soul to know that the only reason he was granted such privileges in the first place was because Adam and Eve sinned, which wasn’t my fault! Thank God they are a fine example of what sin can do, and has done. Amazedly, Adam and Eve had on spiritually clothing which allowed God to be accessible to them twenty four seven, and when they sinned those spiritually clothing were temporal stripped away per-say, and exchanged for temporary fleshly ones. What most folk don’t realize is when Adam and Eve were removed from the garden, there was still a spiritual entrance left open for spiritual beings. Get it! That is why Satan was able to go, and accuse Gods creation. However when Jesus died on that cross that spiritual entrance to heaven was closed forever, and Jesus was now the Spiritual entrance in which all most come.        

     There is much buzz in the Christian community concerning this vile deception "I SOLD MY SOUL TO THE DEVIL." More than anything, we should be shouting for joy that the covers of evil are being removed right before our very eyes. Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus the time of Satan departure is immediately approaching, and he is desperate to take many with him into the abyss of hell, so he’s definitely promoting his allegiance to Gods creation. And the tragedy is many have no idea that declaring I SOLD MY SOUL TO THE DEVIL is really a declaration of I SOLD MY SOUL TO MY FLESH. My friends Satan don’t own diddle-squat. God is the only eternal creative being. For him alone is self-existence. I haven’t found anyone else that inhabits this characteristic, and has proven it to be so. 

     Just the other day, I called my daughter and told her that an artist that she listens to confessed that she “SOLD HER SOUL TO THE DEVIL.” My daughter was a bit surprised! Because this artist was reared in a devout Christian home, as if that means what. As I watched the interview, I was saddened at the way Satan was writing all over the artist wall “mind”, and I could see the ego (flesh) immersed in pride. I prayed for the artist soul, and will continue to do just that. I asked my daughter did she hear anything about this artist being a member of the Illuminati “light bearer.”  She hadn’t. Did you know that light bearer” was Satan’s name before he was cast down. Also “light-bearer” in Latin is translated “Lucifer” which is Satan. It’s astonishing how many Christians brush this evil off as being amusement. I’ve even heard folk say “oh, they’re just saying that to get publicity.” Ask yourself when did evil need publicity? Unfortunately these are the very ones that have been desensitized through the evils of this world “entertainment, organizations, society, secret societies, groups, etc.  My friends these folk are not being guided by the Holy Ghost. “We don’t want Satan to outsmart us. We know how he does his evil work.” ( 2 Corinthians 2:11).

I am gravely alarmed at the “Christians” who are ignorant concerning this subject. Matter fact I’m sadden when I hear of Christians who have been in ministry for years “clergy or followers” and yet still believe that the devil owns folk Souls, or he’s something external instead of internal. Listen it is of the norm for Satan to try and interject ownership upon us through bargaining, also it is of the norm for him to relentlessly pursue our thoughts, and interject evils. Really! Isn’t this the very thing he done to our Lord Savior Jesus Christ? “The tempter came to him. He said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.” (Mathew 4:3). “If you are the son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down.” (Matthew 5:6). “If you bow down and worship me,” he said. “I will give you all of this.” (Matthew 4:9).

     Sadly, Satan has polluted these scriptures, and deceived many to believe that he still has control  over them, especially when we fall prey to the many evils he offers our flesh through our thoughts. When in fact he has no control, or ownership. For he lost everything that was temporary granted the him when Jesus denied his bargaining tools, and refused to succumb to the ego (flesh). When we confess that which we fell prey to, it’s a done deal. “But if we are living in the light in the light of God’s presence, just as Christ is, then we have fellowship with each other, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, cleanses us from every sin.”  (1 John 1:7). Satan can’t own what he never created in the first place.

     As I close this blog, please, please, please I beg of you to read this blog until you believe it “Satan doesn’t own you!” Listen if Satan can ignorantly impose you into believing that he owns you, surely you'll  deny that you really belong to God.  You are a free moral agent on this earth making choices; however they’ll always end up being for the betterment of God.  For when Jesus hung on the cross, and declared “it is finished!” You were no longer bond to your flesh. Be reminded, Adam and Eve never said “I SOLD IT TO THE DEVIL.” Because this would be a lie, they gave the enemy access to them,  which in turned allowed their flesh to rule over them. My friends our (ego) flesh entwined with the thoughts of evil (Devil) will forever be an enmity to God. For its nature is governed by its own system of evil (sin). Go be a fool no more, Satan don’t own you. (SLH). Blogging always to be free….