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As we discussed on Monday I GOT RIGHTS is a way of life for the believer of God to express righteousness in the earth. On today we'll be discussing in detail the expression "We are little Gods" in reference to our rights. "Jesus said, "I'm only quoting your inspired Scriptures, where God said, 'I tell you-you are gods.' (John 10:34. The Message).

     The word of God admonishes us to exercise I GOT RIGHTS the moment we awaken. And in turn God has promised to usurp over anyone, and anything that tries to hinder us from doing so. "My Father, who ha given them to me, is greater than anyone. No one can steal them out of my Father's hand. I and the Father are one."No one can steal them from out of my hand. The Father who put them under my care is so much greater than the Destroyer and Thief." (John 10:29).  

     I'm yet amazed at how our spirit can exercise I GOT RIGHTS in this physical world, as well as the spiritual world. I've had many experiences when my spirit has been bubbling over with repetitious gratitude to God for being supreme in I GOT RIGHTS. Did you know that when Gods children pray their spirit  transcends into the spiritual presence of God, and utters things that the physical realm can't even understand. '"Anyone who speaks in a language he had not known before doesn't speak to people. He speaks only to God. In fact, no one understands that person. What he says with his spirit remains a mystery." ( 1 Corinthians 14:2). 

   God knows what would've become of us long ago if he would've abandon us to operate on this world without him equipping us with his rights to govern our course. Certainly Satan would've picked us off one by one.  When I think upon how a limitless God could grant a physical body (Susie Hill) to partake of his unconventional profound mysteries of his unlimited I GOT RIGHTS while in this world, it's just incomprehensible for my human intellect.  "He has given us his very great and valuable promises. He did it so you could share in his nature. He also did it so you could escape from the evil in the world. That evil is caused by evil longings." ( 2 Peter 1:4).    

     Did you know the Holy Spirit is the essence of God that he left in the earth to power us to exercise our I GOT RIGHTS? Wonderfully as God is to grant us such unlimited access to enter his limitless presence whenever/ wherever we want.  If that isn't over the top, the Holy Spirit Speaks our rights, and stands up for rights we know nothing about. "It is written No eye has seen, no ears have heard, no mind has known what God has prepared for those who love him. (1 Corinthians 2:9). I GOT RIGHTS!       

     Whether we want to be  little Gods or not, that's what we are. It is our Godly assignment to occupy this earth with our spiritual/physical rights. We are to assist God into pulling out his creation from the clutches of Satan, and the abyss of this world." We were made in his image. (Genesis 1:26). Which means we have some of those same characteristics as God, as well as Gods Spiritual DNA.  

     I'm sure I'll be ridiculed for this statement "we are little Gods"  (it has happened many of times). Highly considering the ridiculous statement that Satan made "I will be like God." Lets be reminded, Satan didn't say "He was a little God" as I have stated. He said "He would be like God." Which suggest that he would be just as God is (which is blasphemy against God). "God spoke: Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature." (Genesis 1:26).

     Some of us (followers of Christ) are so narrow minded that we can't even comprehend the simplicity of power that is entailed with "we are little Gods!" I believe there are four major lack reason for narrow minded Christians in reference to this statement.  1. Lack of wisdom. 2. Lack of intimacy with God.  3. Lack of studying the word of God.  4. Lack of applying the word of God to their life.  I'm sure that once a follower of Christ has acknowledged these four "negative" lacks they'll take the proper steps to bring about clarity for them-self as well as others."If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking." (James 1:5-6). Lets digest for a moment.

     I believe most folk that flat-out refute this claim "I'm a little God" don't want the responsibility of being like God. In addition they fear that folk are trying to be God himself (as Satan done). It's interesting, isn't it, that folk have created man made gods, they serve Satan the god of this world, they serve the God of their flesh all while ridiculing the Christians that speak this declaration.

    Let's not get this twisted! Those of us that follow God "undeniably" claim that he is our  Master.  I take confidence in my blood brought right to be a miniature of his divine nature.  I believe God doesn't have a problem with me declaring this truth before the world. He knows this is a delegation of his power within me that is needed to dethrone all the evils that try to usurp over His overall purpose for me.      

     My friends, think of this way when children/family claim alliance to you-they know their alliance to you will grant them certain benefits that nobody else can have. They know they can plead a cause, or a case with you, and you'll make the best judgement according to their overall good purpose.    

    Point in case,  when my son was in college, someone said to him "Your mom should teach you some responsibilities by not buying you a bed, but allowing you to sleep on the floor." My son replied  '"Susie will not let me sleep on the floor, and all the rooms in our house has furniture." This was true. I mean really, where do you suppose this confidence in his rights as my son derived from? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. This confidence derived from me exemplifying  his security in me. Get it!    

    Please understand the essence of Gods supremacy will always allow us to be his little Gods transcending from his presence into this  physical realm (flesh). Be reminded all (flesh) is excluded to engage in such spiritual sublime belief. I know some folk will not  feel comfortable saying "I'm a little God." By all means, don't say it, until you have arrived into a profound definition of "little Gods" in reference to who you are in the big God.      

    I'm trying desperately to get you to understand the subtly ignorance that Satan employs to down play our rights as children of God.  Not to long ago, I said to someone "were little Gods" and they became agitated, and disgusted, and said "I was crazy." I felt sadden for them, because I knew they were just as I was at one time (ignorant of the word of God). I tried to explain to them in the most simplist form, however they still said "Your crazy!" I then quoted a scripture, and told them if they had problem with me stating that I was a little God, they needed to talk to God about it, considering he's the one who said it. "Jesus said, "I'm only quoting your inspired Scriptures, where God said, 'I tell you-you are gods.' (John 10:34).     

    For all those who wrestle with these two question "What about folk who's I GOT RIGHTS were violently opposed?" If we are such little Gods how could this happen?" We must remember that we dwell in a fallen evil world temporary (this isn't our eternal home). My father was murdered (he was a great father/family member/friend). My children's uncle was murdered (he was a great father/friend/wonderful uncle to my children). My sons best friend was murdered two-years ago ( he was Christian/kind/beautiful, and respectful young man). Just last year my niece aunt (who was our family) was violently murdered by her husband in front of her toddler. I only mention these in hopes you'll understand that those of us that are left behind have chosen our own I GOT RIGHTS to live in spite of what we understand. This is the power in I GOT RIGHTS as a little God to be whole in a broken world.    

    A professor once said to me "Nothing can be taken away from you while in this world, only added to you." At first I thought 'yea, right." Since then I have been enlighten, all is true nothing belongs to me in this physical world, so how could someone else rights come along and take away my rights. Jesus said it very well "In fact, none of you can enter a strong man's house and just take what the man owns. You must first tie him up. Then you can rob his house, and take his RIGHTS." (Mark 3:27). Paraphrased to emphasis on I GOT RIGHTS.

     Since God has liberally given us I GOT RIGHTS, we are the strong man, and this freedom is spiritual infinitive in employing I GOT RIGHTS.  Lets never forget or take lightly the redemptive work done by our Lord Savior Jesus Christ tied up anyone/anything that would try and destroy our house.This right enforces our freedom regardless of what evils have occurred, and will occur in this physical world.

I'm Susie L Hill blogging to stay free and free others...