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I assure you that being  a professional looser at life isn't that complicated, for many prefer this dreadful path. Even though the undeniable infallible book the "Bible" has much to say on this matter. Nevertheless  losers will probably not read it. Therefore I’m compelled to candidly write about this destructive path entailed with the many evil attributes of the loosing life.   

    Before I wrote this blog, I asked folk what was there definition of losing life, and all replied the same "Non-productive-people." I happen to agree, because this defintion can plural to many facets of being a PROFESSIONAL LOOSER of life. Bearing in mind there are no dynamics, or competition in losing life only fears of winning. Nevertheless the agenda is always the same, and the objective is clear and simple (be a looser at life). 

     I'm sure many will deny that there is such a thing as being a professional looser, however I'm just one of those folk that beg to differ. All in all from my own life experiences, and many dishearten observation I find that being a PROFESSIONAL LOOSER is the pitfall of many that harm themselves as well as others. 

        Admittedly I was a PROFESSIONAL LOOSER with my ex for many years, and I knew very well that I was loosing at life, but I insisted on staying the course by self-inflicting harm upon myself with many false illusions. I really care not to mention those loosing times, however I must, because too many folk are loosing just as I was loosing before I joined the winning team, you know the Trinity Team (God, Jesus, Holy Ghost). The team that makes it impossible to ever be a PROFESSIONAL LOOSER again. I can't tell you how many times my ex said "I'm sorry, I'll never do it again!" Which only mean I'll never do it like I did it before, and I'll be more careful next time I do it. See this is the attitude of being a PROFESSIONAL LOOSER, and the team members that listen to this rubbish as well. Undeniably I was on his team for twenty-something years off and on (I was more off than he was on). 

     The point is I was a PROFESSIONAL LOOSER in this circumstances, because I was harming myself with the same lies over and over again. I try not to mention Albert Einstein in my blogs, however this will be an exception to my rule, considering he spoken the essence of truth when he said  "It is insanity to do the same thing over and over again, and expect a different result." 

     Did you know there are times when PROFESSIONAL LOOSER will permit unison of agreements with folk who are winning life all in order to defeat them? I'm sure you've come across some of these looser's, you know that ones that employ combative language all in hopes that you'll comply, and when you do they accept this as a win for them, and a loose for you, but in reality their argument of confusion is what they equate a win to.        

     Certainly I've had my share of entertaining many PROFESSIONAL LOOSER'S. By the way, most of those that are loosing in life are most miserable, and they usually in-group with a few winners to mask at being a looser, Nonetheless they always have other PROFESSIONAL LOOSER'S to in-group with when they are exposed before the winners. Please beware of the all the devious scheme to acquire you as a looser, instead of a winner.

    PROFESSIONAL LOOSER'S are known for exemplifying false impression to others through their emotional highs and lows. They incorporate many strategic life moves, founded and employed by the darkness of evils to evoke past and present poverty of pain- disappointment, and regret. I find that one of the vilest evils about a PROFESSIONAL LOOSER is the wide obscure chaotic path leading  to the formidable city of death, which always affords the liberties to deny any essence of growth, only false illusions of winning life when they die.This path is so despicable that it attaches to the mindless, depravity, naive, hopelessness- of others riddled with their former PROFESSIONAL LOOSING life.

    May I remind you, that this despicable path still yet, has many exits of winning life (Jesus love, repentance, and forgiveness). However the only time the  looser life will exit unto that path is to nourish the calamity and anguish of its loosing life while seeking more victims.  Almost certainly, for sure, winning life team-members (Jesus followers) are always their offering encouragements, peace, and standing testimonials that winning with Jesus is better than being a PROFESSIONAL LOOSER.  

    Sadly, losing life discards every word by abstracting its lurking dark eyes from winning life into the muck of its lost life. As loosing life quickly approaches the formidable city of no return (death) it now realizes that choices of their own chosen are inevitable, and everything and everyone has paid a price for its PROFESSIONAL LOOSING life contributions. Finally loosing life has arrived into the city to join the dead dried loosing bones of other departed PROFESSIONAL LOOSER'S, leaving one forever memorable moment in every path they crossed PROFESSIONAL LOOSER AT LIFE.

Susie L Hill blogging to stay free and free others..