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     How true is this phrase? Very true I might add. Many of us should just be honest and tell some of our friends to GO AWAY COME BACK WHEN WE BOTH KNOW THE WAY. I'm not talking about acquaintance, friends of a friend, co-workers, digging up old friends, etc. I'm talking about lifetime friends. One may ask what is the definition of a lifetime friend? You know the ones you have prayed with. The ones who pray for you. The ones who have calmed you down with Gods wisdom. The ones who have said "lets pray, don't do it." You know ones who have begged and pleaded for you not to take a route of destruction. The ones who encourage you to be true to yourself. You know ones that have came to your home, broke bread with you, The ones that have shared something with you, that you haven't even shared with your family. You know the ones that assisted you dearly when all hell had broken out against you. The ones that still yet today, no one can accuse them of saying one negative word about you. You know the ones if someone mentions your name, they better come correct. You know the ones that you promised that you'll never repeat what they said, and you'll leave from this world never repeating it.

     Thank you Jesus! For He has blessed me with  (3) three friends just like this. Sadly "yet needed"  one of them asked me to allow us to go our own WAY until we both could COME BACK WHEN WE BOTH KNOW THE WAY.  I'm just amazed at how in the middle of a deep conversation a blog will emerge, and I'll blurt out "unconsiously" this is the title to the blog. Most of the time my real friends become overjoyed with me, and by all means grant me permission to post our conversation. I'm just tickled with joy about how that happens. Yet again, this is how  FRIEND FRIEND GO AWAY COME BACK WHEN WE BOTH KNOW THE WAY came about. Before we go any further this blog has been consented by this friend.

     Lets dive right into this. I was greatly sadden that one of my friendship had taken this turn, nevertheless God be willing we'll COME BACK wiser, stronger, and better for the sake of our FRIENDSHIP. As I'm writing this blog, I'm reminded of how much love entailed with consideration, peace, and sincerity it taken for us to agree that our FRIENDSHIP had taken this course. Be reminded, it takes an authentic friend like this to know a authentic friend like this. Real talk.

     What's so wonderful about this friend is they have always been consistent through out this FRIENDSHIP. I must remind you, not only were they taught loyalty, and friendship "as I was" when they were young, they were also trained to be a friend. Lets not forget being a friend is a learned behavior, if your not trained and taught when your young, then only God is capable of training and teaching one how to be a friend as adults. Please get this, the world is only capable of being a friend to its own, and that would mean folk just as itself "evil, disloyal, prideful, dishonest, rude, unkind, disrespectful,etc."  Sadly, the world measures its friendship according to the commonality of subtly evil works that are involved. I'm sure you've heard this expression "monkey see, monkey do." I consider this the measuring stick for the world. For example If I lie with you, or for you, and likewise you do the same we are good friends. Get the point.

     Moving along, mysteriously I knew this friendship had arrived at a point of stagnation, and the outcome would eventually be going AWAY. Since this FRIEND is a straight-shooter diving right into the problem "with such truth and peace" that it eradicates all ego (flesh). How many of us know that love shows you the problem first, before it shows the solution to the world? Absoulety! As I quickly reflect on what I just said this has been the core of our freindship talking to God first about us, then each other, and leaving it all alone after were done. This friend called me, and told me there was no way I could be non-bias in our friendship anymore and uphold my loyalty to all that are involved. Also they've gotten to a point that they have to filter what they share with me, because I've spoken many times in detest of a certain thing "remorsefully I've done that." My heart was sadden, because truely if they would've shared somthing other than what I beleived about them, our relationship would've taken another turn. Therefore for the sake of their sanity, as well as the love and respect we have for each other we needed to GO AWAY COME BACK WHEN WE BOTH KNOW THE WAY in so many words.

     Lets not forget authenticity must always be tested to prove itself, and this is how I see GO AWAY COME BACK WHEN WE BOTH KNOW THE WAY. Mysteriously, for the very first time in a very long time "that I know of" I had no interjections to apply, for their truth had spoken to my truth loud and clear. Please understand, when (2) two lifetime friends comply to truth it overrides all ego(flesh)-enemy (Satan) evils." As we reflected on the old us, and the new us that would emerge from us GOING AWAY. I said "the day we were introduced to each other I knew innately you were a friend for life, and now even the more I know you still are. I accept everything your saying, and I agree whole heartdly." And we agreed we would both work on ourselves in the areas that were causing us to GO AWAY UNTIL WE  KNOW THE WAY. After we finished talking, I loved them even the more. "And Jonathan made a solemn pact with David, because he loved him as he loved himself." (1 Samuel 18:3). Sorry I can't mention the rest of what was said, indeed I would breaching our agreement.

     As I'm writing this blog this scripture has unfolded before me "Get all the advice and instructions you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life." (Proverbs 19:20). My friends, one doesn't have this kind of wisdom, respect, and loyalty for another human unless God is the center of their life, which always pours over into their friendships. I have never been so pleased of another human being for such integrity and honesty for another human being "me." All is true a friend sticks closer than a brother. "There are "friends' who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother." (Proverbs 18:24). When I think about it, I'm sure this friend had to lay down their life (flesh) which hurls and screams resentment, judgement, accusations, lies, and a host of evil familiar spirits trying to override the true spirit. I'm sure there are many more, but the point is they laid down their life to set me free to explore my qualifications for FRIENDSHIP. "There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends." (John 15:13). Even though Jesus was speaking of himself for us, he was setting the example of what true friendships really are, as well as what false friendship are.  

     Who'll deny that sometimes were FRIENDS to people who aren't FRIENDS to us "I've had my share of trying to make false friends be true friends." And these are the friendships that MUST GO AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK. All in all false friendship of illusions and fantasies always entail betrayal, jealousy, deception, gossip, and lies that will eventually cause great harm to the spirit as well as the mind. Listen, in no way is our God in such evil, and He would never, ever tell us to go against his charcter by being involved with any evil whatsoever. Real talk. For God said it himself " A friend to this world is an enemy to God." If your friends with evil, your not friends with God so then how could you be friends with Gods people. "Who has befooled you?" As Paul said. Be reminded, there is a tragedy in trying to usher in the same qualities you have in another human being "this is ego (flesh)." By far we are not suppose to try and make folk true to us, we are to be true to who we are which will always expose those that aren't. 

     I was talking with one of my sisters, and it was a deep conversation about friendship "God was all in our converstaion" in which we obliged him to do so." I said to her there could've been a tragic in FRIEND FRIEND GO AWAY COME BACK WHEN WE BOTH KNOW THE WAY if I and that person was minus the core value of friendship, as well as our belief system according to Gods defintion of FRIENSHIP. I told her these were the very (2) two reasons why we can GO AWAY COME BACK WHEN WE BOTH KNOW THE WAY.

    We then went on talk about how our lifetime friends parents had the same qualities that our parents had concerning frienship, and how they examplified this friendship to their children. Her reply was "Yea, you know I'm a true friend to all of my friends, sadly for me as well,  it's time that me and one of my best friends GO AWAY COME BACK WHEN WE BOTH KNOW THE WAY, for she has done something  hurtful in which I asked her not to do." I said all is true, but didn't she tell you that she was minus this quality. She said "yea, but still." I said "no, why would you ask her to do something that she isn't capable of doing?" She said "I just thought." I said like what "she never lied to you, and she never said yes to what you asked." However you knew she was like that, so take today and make a choice rather your going to GO AWAY COME BACK WHEN YOU BOTH KNOW THE WAY. Then I asked her five simple question 1. Has she ever betrayed you? which I knew the answer "no." 2. Has she ever talked ill of you to someone else? which I knew the answer "no." 3. Has she protected you with her all? in which I knew the answer "yes." Isn't she loyal to you? In which I knew the answer "yes." Then I reminded her of a time when her friend husband tried to talk bad of her, and how they all agreed to get along for the sake of her. 4. Does your family and other friends get along with her? in which I knew the answer "yes." 5. Does she encourage you, pray for you, etc? In which I knew the answer "yes." At the end of our conversation I asked her "isn't she a keeper doesn't she deserve to FRIEND FRIEND GO AWAY COME BACK WHEN YOU BOTH KNOW THE WAY. All in all you made that illusion "unreal expectation for her." my sister highly agreed. Isn't it amazing how my FRIEND, FRIEND GO AWAY COME BACK WHEN WE BOTH KNOW THE WAY has the potenital to save other FRIENDSHIPS as well.

     Be reminded "Every good and perfect gift is from God. It comes down from the father. He created the heavenly lights. He does not change like shadow that move." (James 1:17).This clearly states that even good FRIENDSHIPS arrive from God. Surely, you'll know them when they arrive in your life they'll be molded in "loyalty, respect, honesty, integrity, etc." Therefore when the time of trials arrive in that FRIENDSHIP one will have no problem with FRIEND FRIEND GO AWAY COME BACK WHEN WE BOTH KNOW THE WAY, rest assure they'll be back, for everything good can only inhabit in that which is good. 

     I'm Susie L Hill blogging to be free and to free others.....