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     This phrase is broad based, and it can plural to many multifaceted of life. As you may know by now, I'm a optimist. I believe "nothing happens against me, but all is for me and the well fare of others."  However there are times even I become weary in DENIED AGAIN, and these are the times I must aggressively usurp over my ego (flesh)-enemy (Satan) and pursue that which I solely confess and believe. "What shall we say then If we've been DENIED AGAIN, then all is well for If God before us then who can be against us." (Romans 8:31). Paraphrase mine. Lets pause for a moment... Now lets repeat this several times. Doesn't this scripture also connote security?

     Just what if God was  saying "your not being DENIED AGAIN, for clearly I said no, but your working your flesh (ego) trying to change my mind to say yes, when in fact it's still going to be no. Also just what if He was saying maybe later, perhaps I have something so much better for you. Com on, when will we accept that "if our God is for us then who can be against us." Who then can DENY us? Even though these scriptures are in place to encourage us to conquer our trials and tribulations by believing we've already conquered through God, there also in place to secure us in God.

     For the last couple of weeks I've experienced an injustice in which I wanted to react to, but clearly I was DENIED AGAIN to not take it personally. but know that it is for my overall benefit as well as others. During this time, I've had to be conscious of what I speak, what I do, and who I communicate, all in all I was DENIED AGAIN to reveal the mass evil this person is causing. Do you see, sometimes were even DENIED AGAIN to expose evil, for even that has a time to be revealed. My friends, "less is always good, especially when were dealing with the ego-enemy. As you may know these (2) two forces enjoy trying to hierarchy over what God has clearly DENIED AGAIN"It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust people." Lets be honest, in order for someone to take refuge in a spiritual being one has to have some level of security in that which they are to trust in. Really!

     Now lets look at it like this, if you've been DENIED AGAIN, for whatever reason, and God is minus the equation, clearly you don't have a DENIED AGAIN problem you have a security problem in God. Did you know that being DENIED AGAIN is on the outside of us? I've experienced this first hand, and I've literally seen it come into futitation many of times. Really, for when we willing accept DENIAL as something done against us, we've already defined it to have the power to control how we feel internally about God.  My friends, I remember someone was experiencing some difficult times "many of us have" and  I was encouraging them in  to move pass DENIED AGAIN,  and try another avenue to conquer it or just let it go. And they said to me "they already DENIED me twice, so what's the use. But I feel like... " My reply "your right, what's the use." Then they went on to ask "what do you think?" My reply "you've already admitted defeat to yourself, and the atmoshphere has cleary agreed, and your flesh "I feel" is a indicator that your emotionally being dictated, so what do you expect me to say, because whatever I say it want go against your own self proclamation." 

     Please understand, this flesh of ours is so entangled with this world, and dictating our emotions is it's pleasures. Therefore we can never trust it to be a sign of yes or no from God. One is sadly mistaken,  if they believe this world doesn't have the a right to DENY AGAIN, especially when it's for the overall purpose of good.  If we declare that  we belong to God then very well so the world has the right to DENY AGAIN, and again that which we are trying to obtain. The world will never just say yes to us, for it is govern by evil principles. Isn't the enemy (Satan) the prince of this world? However since he was disarmed through Jesus resurrection we have the right through Jesus blood to usurp over all that DENY AGAIN what God has said yes to,  especially when God is saying persevere and pursue to attain that which he has for us. This is the very reason that we need God, for without him we can do nothing.

     Listen there are no alternatives, when you have  DENIED yourself to conquer that which is to be conquered through God, then you have made a choice "rebelled" against God. So why then would God hierarchy over your choice.  Please allow me to reiterate , when we don't trust God, surely we want trust the decisons that we make outside of God. We'll think he is saying yes, when he's clearly saying no..Will call it DENIED AGAIN, when he is saying wait, not now. Sadly, many of us just want God to say yes to every request, plead, or beg our ego (flesh) ask of. Sorry to burst your bubble God isn't emotinally driven...

     As I reflect over my life, I clearly see all the DENIED AGAIN that I've ever experienced was good for me, for all has brought me closer to God, and every yes has made me aware that it was all God to begin with. Think about it like this,  if we never got DENIED AGAIN, we wouldn't depend on God, especially when injustice is involved,. Remember  when God is our center our life is revolved around the great mission (gospel) and we can rest assure there is always a ram in the bush per-say when the world has said DENIED AGAIN.

     Food For Hunger:  When you have spiritual and physical done all that He (God) has required of you then do as Moses done "Just stand, and see the salvation of the Lord." (SLH).