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                                         TODAY IS CHUG-CHUG AWAY WEDNESDAY                            

 This phrase means to put forth a great deal of effort into what one is trying to accomplish or have accomplished. “But then I looked over everything my hands done. I saw what I had worked so hard to get. And nothing had meaning. It was like chasing the wind. Nothing was gained on this earth.” (Ecclesiastes 2:11 NIRV).  Please allow me to paraphrase “But then I looked over everything that I had CHUG-CHUG AWAY.  I saw what I had worked so hard to accomplish, and when it was all said and done nothing had any importance. It was like traveling a current of air. I gained zilch on this earth.” Be reminded King Solomon wasn’t endowed with the Holy Spirit as we are. Therefore his CHUG-CHUG AWAY was always in adherence to maintaining the law. Let’s ponder this for a short moment. Wouldn't you agree that King Solomon emulated very well the destruction that occurs to all who think they are CHUG-CHUG AWAY for this life.

     Allow me to reiterate “King Solomon wasn’t endowed with the Holy Spirit as we are.” Some may inquire to why I mentioned this twice? More than anything I would like for you to become aware of the era in which King Solomon lived in. As well as the laws in which he was trying to live under and maintain (before Jesus).  Please understand it didn’t matter how much CHUG-CHUG AWAY Solomon tried to accomplish, the law was always there to remind him how he was never going to get it right by himself, therefore a sacrifice had to be made each and every time. Talk about chasing the wind!

     Thank You Jesus! He has fulfilled the law for every one of us. As a result when we CHUG-CHUG AWAY  his blood continues to wash our sins away, while empowering us, and regenerating his Holy Spirit through us. All of this and so much more allows us the grace to CHUG-CHUG AWAY in equilibrium for that which “He” has called us accomplish. “God made us. He created us to belong to Christ Jesus. Now we can do good things. Long ago God prepared them for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10 NIRV).

     God wants us to know that CHUG-CHUG AWAY will never, ever, ever produce a relationship with him, for only by accepting Jesus CHUG-CHUG AWAY at the cross in the grave and in the sky can this relationship be created. I think its fare to assume that at the end of King Solomon’s life he was able to see this world just as it was an illusion of the authentic world offering people to CHUG-CHUG AWAY at something that doesn’t even exist. All of his toils, endeavors, and pleasures of this world was nothing more than him chasing a wind in which he never caught.

     I was once as King Solomon CHUG-CHUG AWAY at the wind in many areas of my life. I used to work my hands to the bones trying to do everything right and have everything right. For example every day without fail I had a certain routine in which I CHUG-CHUG AWAY, and if so happens I didn’t accomplish one of them,  I would feel as though my day wasn’t complete.

     Some time ago I was talking with my Spiritual advisor, and she said to me “Sue why don’t you skip this one particular thing on your list, and experience the shift in your routine. Admittedly I became agitated that she would suggest such, surely God wanted me to CHUG-CHUG AWAY “I thought” even in the least of things.  “God’s grace has saved you, because of your faith in Christ. Your salvation doesn’t come from anything you do. It is God’s gift. It is not based on anything you have done. No one can brag about earning it.” (Ephesians 2:8-9 NRIV). Thank you Jesus for your grace! It taken me years to allow the Holy Spirit to assist me in this area, for that reason if so happens I don’t accomplish that routine, I’m not moved one bit.

     Please get this! God doesn’t want us CHUG-CHUG AWAY in things that cause us to work  to become righteous in those things. Surely this is one of the many subtly evils of the enemy (Satan) constantly searching for space in our actions to give approval for us to feel condemned for that action. As God started to disillusion me from CHUG-CHUG AWAY and all my many works of the ego (flesh) I was just as King Solomon “I saw what I had worked so hard to get. And  nothing had meaning.” All was zilch!

      In all sincerity the only thing that I ever CHUG-CHUG AWAY and experienced immeasurable everlasting results was my relationship with Jesus Christ. Real talk…. There is so much more in CHUG-CHUG AWAY (love, health, peace, joy, strength, prosperity, etc) when we allow God to be the director of our CHUG-CHUG AWAY.

     I’m Susie L Hill blogging to stay free and free others…..