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      This Set phrase is usually applied to the volume, velocity, and variety of computer data.  Advantageously as God would have it to be I’ll be applying BIG-DATA to the vast amount of Gods breath (volume) that swiftly (velocity) awakens the diversity (variety) of us all, as well as this world.

     Interestedly way before God even created us to partake of his BIG-DATA, the heavens and sky were already an element of his BIG-DATA. “The heavens tell about the glory of God. The skies show that Gods hands alone created them. Day after day they express it. Night after night they celebrate it with their expression of existence. But they don’t use words to talk about it. No sound is heard from them. At the same time, their right to be heard goes out into the whole earth. Their expressions go out from one end of the world to the other.” (Psalm 19: 1-4). Paraphrase mine.

     Interestedly wouldn’t you say, considering the heavens and earth were mere expressions of Gods thoughts, in which his spirit hovered over in order to bring fourth his absolute BIG DATA. Be reminded before God breathed (his voice) unto the heavens, and earth they were only his created thoughts. However as soon as He spoke (his breath) it awakened the thought into a good pleasing energy of movement, which was now able to celebrate the breath (God) through expressions. By the all means in your spare time read the entirety of Genesis 1.

     Hold up wait a minute! Just in case there is some confusion, please allow me to clarify by paraphrasing Genesis 2. God created the first man (Adam) from his “own” thought. He then taken the thought, and applied it to the dust of the ground. Do you see now how it was the thought of God that put into motion the dust of the ground to form a body? Furthermore in order for God to put into motion his thoughts he had to be likewise hovering over the dust of the ground, as he was with heavens and earth. I mean really, isn’t the dust of the ground part of the earth?

     Did you know that as soon as God breathed (his spirit) into the body (dust) it immediately became a living soul.  Be mindful to always consider, there was no waiting period; it was an “absolute” awaking of the body that was expressing itself from the breath (spirit) that spoken to it.  Whether you like it or not the very breath that is breathing out of your nostrils, or mouth right now is Gods BIG-DATA that swiftly awakened your body to become the variety to partake of this blog. 

     This is what I discovered several years ago as I quest God about his BIG-DATA in reference to his breath and my body.  The very breath that I liberally breathe (sometimes without regard) is the “supreme” breath of Gods BIG-DATA. Each breath appears daily for me to express to the world the very breath of God. I am just in awe of how his BIG-DATA reminds me that he loves me so much that he has shared his supreme breath with me. 

     What's more God has every right to take possession of his “own” breath (spirit) at his “own” discretion, leaving no room for us to complain. I mean really, who's fault is it when we neglect and useless apply this breath.   

    My friends, I understand clearly the uncertainty that is involved in Gods BIG-DATA. However in order to understand Gods BIG-DATA one must be willing to forsake the fears and perception that is entangled within the flesh they befools many into the belief their in control of the very breath they breathe.

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