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                                              THIS AWAY THAT AWAY MONDAY

     This expression is clearly stating a questionable course will be taken. I’ll be applying this expression to our overall life on this earth. Isn’t it mysterious how many of us think THIS AWAY THAT AWAY must be the only way. I’m almost a hundred percent sure that this kind of thinking has derived from our childhood through sources and forces. Matter of fact many of us  have mapped out our lives according to our core values, environment, spiritual values, and the daily dynamics we experience. As children we make all sorts of positive declarations deriving from these very values. We say things like  “When I grow up I’m going to be a________.” “When I get old I’m going to die ___________.” I’ve yet known any child to declare a negative declaration as such “When I grown up I want to be a homeless person.” “When I grow up I want to die of cancer.” “When I grow up I want to be addicted to drugs.” “When I grow up I want to be raped.” Get the point!    

     Some may ask “What makes some of us live out those childhood declarations, while others die out to theirs?” It would be narrow minded of me to imply there is a “what will be will be”
system in this world, because if that were the case the girl who declared at a very young age that she would one day be a famous model, wouldn’t have gotten pregnant at (15) fifteen years of age “I’m that girl.” Although I was brought up in a two parent home, enthralled with many positive declarations. I never once declared that I would be teenage mother, even though I wanted children to be part of my life "adult life" one day. My declarations never stated anything about being a mother at (15) fifteen years old. Matter of fact at that time being a teenage mother was still frowned upon.

     All of my childhood declarations included a systematic system in which I declared daily. For example at around (9) nine years old, I knew exactly what I wanted to be, and how I wanted it to be.  I wanted the modeling first, the degrees, and the husband, the big house with the white picket fence, the children and the fish bowl. Even though I achieved many of these things they never arrived in the order of my systematic declaration. Let’s pause for a moment.

     I realize now more than anything that during these times there were two forces (good and evil) feeding those very declarations. By that I mean, even though THIS AWAY THAT AWAY had suddenly appeared and my entire systematic system was altered, In hindsight I was just where I ws suppose to be, and all has brought me to where I am right now. How awesome is that! Be reminded, even before I started writing I had achieved the majority of my systematic system. Of course I never became that famous model, and today I know exactly why I didn’t. I’ll liberally discuss the reasons why in another blog of some sort.

     As I look over my many life experiences and years of observations of others lives, one thing I know for sure is “It is impossible to know THIS AWAY THAT AWAY our lives will go while were here, or which way they’ll end.” Surely they’ll be times when many of us believe in the depth of us that were going according to our declarations; we’ll proudly mark every step
along the way, then suddenly out of nowhere THIS AWAY THAT AWAY will appear, and we will have to forcibly question was THAT AWAY the right way in the first place. Strangely during these times that dual part of us (good and evil) will subtly rise up within suggesting many thoughts. You know that part of yourself that tells you to continue on; when in fact you know internal you should just stop and do nothing. Also that part of you that tells you to give up, and crawl under the bed, whilst the other part tells you that everything will be fine. Mysteriously these are the times our creator (God) of all things are pointing to us His perfect way.

    As always I’m yet amazed at how these blogs unfold before me. Really! In all sincerity I had another blog already prepared for today. Nevertheless THIS AWAY THAT AWAY appeared and here I am writing about it. Thank you God. I am nothing without you! I was at home bored to stiff, and I decided to go out to a restaurant that one of my good friends Harlan Jefferson (Saxophone player) was performing at. A couple sat next to me, and the wife didn’t have enough space to eat dinner, so she told her husband she was moving down a seat. It bothered me that they wouldn't be able to sit right next to each other. As she moved down one seat,  the couple on my left asked me to tell them not to move, because they were leaving. I felt really good about that. I touched the husband on the shoulder as he speaking with his wife. “I’m going to scoot down a seat, because their leaving, and you can have my seat.” His reply “Are you sure?” I assured him, then I assured him again that they were no bother to me. Finally they agreed that me moving over a seat was a good idea, now they both could see the band, eat dinner, and enjoy each other. Please take notice on how God was orchestrating THIS AWAY THAT AWAY. God is so amazing!

     Can you believe the women name was Susie also, how ironic is that?”  As I talked with this couple I felt as though I knew them a lifetime. I extended an invitation to them to follow my writings and blogs. Funnily they were pleased that I was a writer, considering they had the perfect novel for me to write. I was so in tuned with every word they spoken, however I was taken back for a moment, when Suza blurted out to me that her young son was a heroin addict. If you want to know the rest of THIS AWAY THAT AWAY, you’ll have to stop by the RedRoom tomorrow to read Part 2. Oh, by the way she obliged me to share THIS AWAY THAT AWAY with you all…

     I’m Susie L Hill blogging to stay free and free others.