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I CALLED WISDOM     I wasn't feeling well: so I called Wisdom and asked him what to do. He told me to drink lots of Vitamin C, H2o, and some cough syrup would do. He told me he was glad I called and how He looked forward to taking care of me. I told him I wouldn't be much company since coughing, and sputter was taking its toll on me. He told me that would be fine: I needed to lay down, get plenty of rest, for he was more than appreciated that I called.      He said he would like to read me exceptional stories of old, and new for sure to make me rest the night through. My skin broke fourth a sweat and chills went through the fullness of me. My head spoke aloud with thumps, and bumps of pain crowding about me. I asked Wisdom if he could just give me a miracle pill to remedy this evil cold away.      He said he was sorry his presence wasn't enough for me, but this too shall pass and Ill go my way drinking my get up and go to remember this conversation no more. He asked me to stop thinking about the cold, and start thanking him it was only a cold inviting him to be with me. He said his peace is sufficient for me; and with is stripes I'm already healed you see.      I said yada, yada, don't you see, I'm sick haven't you been listening to me. He said, humble yourself, and don't complain be glad not sad your much alive than those that are dead. I walled my eyes around and around. I coughed some more and complained even the more. ''I Called Wisdom; I Called Wisdom?'' He said here you go again calling me asking for miracle pills, and drinks of get up and go. Go my child be sick no more: you'll call again and Ill be their even the more. I Called Wisdom.....

Susie L Hill.....

Posted by Susie L Hill at 2:10 PM

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Dear Susie

I love when you call Wisdom. You make perfect sense!

I am a fan of your creative blogs.

Have a great day!
Mary Walsh

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Thank you Mary for being my loyal fan.

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I Called Wisdom

This title especially stuck my interest.  Proverbs 1:7 reads "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction."  I think of some real life matters that occured when I was walking in the dark, I failed to connect with 'Wisdom" and the consequences were painful and in many cases devasting.  Thank God for knowing what it is and how to go about getting (seeking) it as well as keeping it.