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Jun 2008

My name is Susie L Hill the proud author of My Daddy Don't Cry No More. I enjoy writing: I take pleasure in creating illusory characters.  I write Fiction, short Fiction, short stories, poetry, and quotes.  I am active in my community, as well as many Christian organizations. I've been allowed the opportunity to enlarge my life story with three wonderful children, and grandchildren. In addition to being granted access to the greatest people I know my family,and friends. I'm smart, talented, beautiful, kind, and unquestionably the funniest person I know. "I encourage everyone to go beyond the smoking mirror of life through shattering, for there you'll find the beauty of what is. -H,L,S,.

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I'm interested in God. Reading the N.I.V. Study Bible. Writing is therapeutic! I don't want to ever have to live without it. 

My Hobbies: Walking, dancing, gardening, and scrap-booking.