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Pro Puzzle-Guy Eric Berlin and THE PUZZLER'S MANSION


"I have always been a puzzler," tells children's author Eric Berlin. "When I was a kid, I would buy puzzle books from the Scholastic book club and sit on the blacktop at recess and solve them. I know exactly when and where I bought my first issue of Games, the magazine that was hugely influential on me and other puzzlers of my generation—I was eleven years old and we were waiting for my father at an airport when I saw it on a magazine rack."


Berlin eventually turned his passion for puzzles into a career; his crosswords often appear in the New York Times. He also crafted a clever series of puzzle-stuffed novels for middle grade readers that debuted in 2007 with The Puzzling World of Winston Breen (Putnam), followed by 2009's The Potato Chip Puzzles and this year's The Puzzler's Mansion.


Berlin talks about the wide and wacky world of puzzling, puzzle-crafting, and penning his puzzle-ful book series in my May children's market column at Authorlink.com. And be sure to drop by www.winstonbreen.com to learn more!