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ORIGINAL COOL Magazine Returns



From 1993 to 2001, I published a music fanzine, Original Cool, exploring all forms of rockabilly, swing, and roots rock and roll—you know, the original cool. Though it was technically a hobby, the writing, designing, printing, marketing, selling of ads and subscriptions, etc. took a huge amount of my attention. As book-writing and motherhood eventually filled my life, I had to let the magazine go, squirreling away copies of all forty-four back issues up in the attic.


Now that the kids are becoming self-sufficient, I'm capable of building a website, and PayPal offers coupla-clicks buyer/seller convenience, I've decided to dust off the old Original Cools and make them available once more. Check it out at www.OriginalCool.net.


Here's more info from the hype-ful media release:

Original Cool Magazine Returns

Rockabilly, swing, rock and roll fanzine Original Cool available again after 11 years.

From 1993 to 2001, music fanzine Original Cool dove headlong into all styles of rip-roarin' rockabilly, swing, and rock and roll—vintage to neo. Chock full of interviews with artists old and new, plus album and concert reviews, news, and so much more, every issue was "timely and informative, the writing always first-rate and refreshingly offbeat," raved Request magazine.

Now, after more than a decade, all forty-four jam-packed issues of Original Cool are available once more at the magazine's website, http://www.OriginalCool.net. Whether you're a fan of the rock and roll trailblazers, the contemporary reinterpreters, or both, you're guaranteed to find something to love within the smokin' pages of Original Cool. All issues are $3.99 USD, plus shipping.

Original Cool was founded by music journalist and author Susan VanHecke, who wrote most of the material in the fanzine's earliest issues. She was soon joined by veteran music scribes Ken Burke, author of Country Music Changed My Life: Tales of Tough Times and Triumph from Country's Legends, and Gary Pig Gold.

Original Cool ceased publication as VanHecke focused on penning books for young readers and adults. Of her decision to make Original Cool available again, VanHecke said, "When I launched the magazine, handy online sales and marketing—websites, e-commerce—were the province of big companies and IT pros only. That's all changed, and I'm delighted to offer Original Cool to music lovers once more. Many of the interviews in Original Cool were among the last given by some of roots music's most influential and legendary artists—Bill Monroe, Billie Lee Riley, Ronnie Dawson, Charlie Feathers, Dale Hawkins, Juvey Gomez, Barbara Pittman, and more. I'm pleased to make this historic material available again."

Susan VanHecke's books for young people include Raggin' Jazzin' Rockin': A History of American Musical Instrument Makers (Boyds Mills, 2011) and Rock 'N' Roll Soldier (HarperTeen, 2009), a Vietnam War memoir for young adults written with veteran Dean Ellis Kohler, foreword by Graham Nash. VanHecke's books for adults include Race With The Devil: Gene Vincent's Life In The Fast Lane (St. Martin's Press, 2000), adapted into an award-winning screenplay; Three Steps to Heaven: The Eddie Cochran Story, with Bobby Cochran; and Roadwork: Rock & Roll Turned Inside Out (Hal Leonard, 2007)/Raising Hell on the Rock 'n' Roll Highway (Omnibus UK, 2009), with rock photographer Tom Wright, foreword by Pete Townshend of the Who.

"OC covers it all, from the old guys—Duane Eddy, Scotty Moore, Billy Lee Riley—to the updaters—Brian Setzer, Boz Boorer, Marshall Crenshaw. News, reviews, and interviews covering anything with a pompadour—dead or alive."
Alternative Press

"Rockabilly cats from 15 to 50 should find a common ground in the pages of Original Cool. Timely and informative, the writing is always first-rate and refreshingly offbeat."

"This rockabilly-focused rock and roll 'zine is full of grace, charm, style, reviews, news and more. Hip stuff for the rockabilly scene."
See Hear

"You do a great job, and it still thrills me to see a picture of some young rockin' band burnin' the house down! That's the real stuff!" 
Brian Setzer