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Megan Crewe and GIVE UP THE GHOST

In Megan Crewe's debut novel for young adults, Give Up The Ghost, her main character, Cass, is more comfortable hanging with ghosts than "breathers," especially when she discovers she can use the spirits to dig up the dirt on all of the back-stabbing poseurs at her school.

But when one of the popular boys learns of Cass's special abilities, he begs her to contact his recently deceased mother. Now Cass is pulled into his world – the real world – where she can't hide from all-too-real conflict, grief, and, ultimately, forgiveness and redemption.

In my September children's market column for Authorlink.com, Crewe tells how she arrived at this intriguing concept of using ghosts to spite your enemies and hide from real-life heartaches. She also shares how she found her character's voices, kept the faith through a year of manuscript-pitching, finesses her first drafts, and much more.

Enjoy my chat with Crewe, and be sure to check out her website and blog!