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Margaret Willey and FOUR SECRETS



In Four Secrets, award-winning author Margaret Willey’s latest young adult novel, Katie, Nate, and Renata, middle-school outsiders, are in juvenile detention. Their crime? Kidnapping Chase, the school bully who seems to know everyone’s secrets and delights in tormenting tiny, artistic Renata.

The trio have vowed silence about what happened, so it’s up to social worker Greta Shield to piece things together. Combing clues from the three inmates’ journals—Katie’s double diaries, Nate’s Tolkein-ish epic, Renata’s dark sketchbook—family members, and teachers, Greta takes readers along as she navigates the twisting truth of the alleged abduction.

Willey shares how she based Four Secrets on a real-life experience, why she wrote it from alternating points-of-view and with a nonlinear plot, and where she sees nobility in adolescent friendships that seek to quash bullying in my November children's market column for Authorlink.com. Be sure to check out Willey's website, too, to learn more about her and her books, www.margaretwilley.com.